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Teamsters’ Domino Effect Organizes Silicon Valley

The Teamsters Union, representing shuttle bus drivers for tech companies, have kicked up pay for drivers from $18 dollars an hour to $25 after signing contracts with Apple and other Silicon Valley companies, part of a “domino effect” to organize the tech sector.

Teamsters Hoffa (Phil McCarten / Reuters)

Clinton Flips On Pacific Trade Deal; Gets to Slam Biden, Hug Sanders

The media normally treats a politician’s dramatic policy shifts as insincere or foolish “flip-flops,” at least when it’s Republicans changing their minds. Let’s see how they handle one of the most blatant flip-flops in recent memory, as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suddenly denounces the huge Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that she championed as Secretary of State.

Candidates For President Attend Iowa Democrat's Wing Ding Dinner

Gawker Editorial Staff Joins Writers Guild of America, East

The editorial staff at Gawker Media has become the first digital newsroom in the country to unionize, with 75% of voters agreeing to be represented by the Writers Guild of America, East if collective bargaining should be necessary. Gawker’s staff said they will be “determining what we want to bargain for; forming a bargaining committee; and negotiating a contract.”


UC Doctors on Strike Today

Starting Thursday, April 9 at 7 a.m. doctors employed by the University of California student health centers will protest over claims of Unfair Labor Practices (ULP) for a week, inviting students, fellow UC employees and concerned community members to join them and flying a banner over select locations.

Doctors (Ars Electronica : Flickr : CC)

Cal Lawmaker Proposes Taxing Services to Pay Pensions

With California facing what Steven Greenhut calls “Death by Pension,” former Democrat Speaker of the California Assembly and newly elected State Senator Bob Hertzberg released details of his Senate Bill 8 tax manifesto. What he refers to as the “Upward

Bob Hertzberg (Ric Francis / AP)