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water contamination

Hurricane Harvey Victims to Participate in Toxic Exposure Study

In a new study, researchers hope to glean a better understanding of the possible health risks Hurricane Harvey victims face by outfitting them with special wristbands that monitor exposure to contaminated flood waters and airborne toxins.

People walk to a Harris County Sheriff air boat while escaping a flooded neighborhood during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on August 29, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey has set what forecasters believe is a new rainfall record for the continental United States, officials said Tuesday. / AFP PHOTO …

Lawsuit: Refinery to Blame for Water Contamination

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Citizens continue to fight over the few water bottles left in this city as a lawsuit now alleges that a local energy refinery is to blame for the contamination alert issued Wednesday.

Corpus water 3

Water Contamination Halts Texas Coastal City

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Nearly all activity in this coastal city has come to a halt after government officials issued a late night alert about a chemical contamination in the water system.

Corpus water

New Evidence: Wind Farms Contaminating Water Supply in Scotland

Campaigners in Scotland are calling for a full, independent investigation into allegations that wind farms are contaminating water supplies across large areas of Scotland. They have written to the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Energy Secretary Amber Rudd calling for

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