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Voting Age To 16

Lords Warned: Derailing Brexit Would Provoke Largest Crisis in a Century

Attempts to overturn Brexit would pitch the country into the largest constitutional crisis it has faced in over a century, Brexit-supporting peers have warned their colleagues. Addressing the House of Lords yesterday, former Foreign Secretary Lord Hague made an impassioned

British Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn addresses a rally in Chelmsford, east of London, on September 2, 2015.

UK Labour Leader Pushed For Bans, Boycotts Of Israel, Letters Show

The Times of Israel reports: Before his election as UK Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn pressed for a boycott of Israel and called on the British foreign secretary at the time to ban Israeli politicians from entering the country, newly released letters from 2010-2015 show.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Calls For ‘Strong Response’ To Rapey Islamic State

Hollywood star and humanitarian activist Angelina Jolie has issued a call for a “strong response” to Islamic State (IS). Speaking in Westminster, London, she highlighted the radical Sunni Islamist group’s deliberately calculated use of mass rape as “a centrepoint of their