Sweden’s Official Twitter Account Tells ‘Racist’ Critics of Open Borders to ‘Go F*** Themselves’

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images
LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Sweden’s official Twitter account spent last week hurling expletives at critics of open borders and labelling them racists.

The account is managed by a different Swedish citizen each week, which has led to erratic tweets in the past. Despite this, Sweden has continued the experiment. It’s not the first time that the country has stubbornly stuck to a well-meaning egalitarian project sure to end in disaster.

Last week’s tweeter, a man who identified himself as “Elias,” spent most of his time throwing abuse at critics of the country’s open-borders approach to immigration.

In response to a tweet that suggested Sweden’s rate of rape had risen dramatically in the wake of mass immigration (a fact), Elias told the user, “go f*** yourself.”


Elias, who claimed to be the son of Lebanese immigrant parents, continued to fan the flames of social media controversy with a series of inflammatory tweets, including, “I’m the immigrant who stole your job.”


“Elias” would go on to use the @sweden account to launch sweeping attacks against “white people.”


He also retweeted allies.


Elias would go on to urge “racists” with “anti-communism & feminism” in their Twitter descriptions to  “get out of my country.”




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