UC Students Complain $25 Million Illegal Immigrant Fund ‘Not Enough’

Dan Price
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Students at the University of California have criticised a university pledge of $25 million over 3 years to assisting illegal immigrant students as “not enough.”

In an editorial by the Daily Bruinthe university’s student newspaper, it is argued that while the investment is “promising” and shows that the “university has made strides by committing a large portion of discretionary funding to the undocumented community,” the author argues that it is still “not enough.”

It also argues University of California President Janet Napolitano “must institutionalize funding for undocumented students to dispel any notion that the UC’s support for undocumented students is temporary.”

This is despite the fact that the figure is five times the amount invested by Napolitano when she assumed office in 2013.

The sentiment is also echoed by other student papers such as The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley’s student paper, which also contends in its editorial that the loans will be “significantly harder for an undocumented student to repay than it would be for a documented citizen.”