GWU Students Claim Use of Pro-Trump Campus Cops Is an ‘Act of Violence’

Trump It's Nothing AP PhotoMic Smith
AP Photo/Mic Smith

Student protesters at George Washington University claim the use of pro-Trump campus police officers to protect the community is an “act of violence” committed by the administration against its students.

In a letter of demands written to the administration by a progressive campus coalition, students demanded, amongst other things, changes to the university’s police system. Students became concerned as a result of The Fraternal Order of Police formally endorsing President-elect Donald Trump.

“The university must re-channel its resources and money to its fundamental requirement: to protect its students,” the letter reads. “This safety must not depend on the University’s police. The Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police union in the United States, has formally endorsed President-Elect Donald Trump. The FOP includes over 10,000 members in Washington D.C., many of which have jurisdiction over GW’s campus. Placing us in these officers’ care is an act of violence, especially for Black students.”

The demand for changes with regards to the university’s police force was just one in a long list of requests made by a group of students that organized a walkout that occurred on November 15.

Other demands include:

The school must always assert itself on the side of students of color
GWU cannot harbor “structural Islamophobia”or interfere with Muslim students’ attire.
GWU must “increase the acceptance of Palestinian international students to prevent their genocide at the hands of Israel”
The school must fund aid and legal assistance for undocumented students and their families, and be a “place of sanctuary” for Muslim students and illegal immigrants
Sexual assault claims must always be believed
Divestment from “unethical corporations” that deal with fossil fuels, private prisons, “colonialism and apartheid in Palestine,” and more
Commitment to leading the country in sustainable fossil fuel adoption and an increase in campus sustainability jobs and outreach
A promise to pay all workers a “living wage”

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