Report: Cornell Asks Students to Report Peers for ‘Negative Reactions’ over LGBT Safe Space


Students at Cornell University are encouraged to report peers who have “negative reactions” to a proposed LGBT safe space project, according to a report from Campus Reform.

A flyer from the LGBT Resource Center at Cornell University reportedly encourages students to report students who have negative reactions to a new safe space project for LGBTQ students.

“Negative reactions tend to be rare. If they do occur, report it to the Office of Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Life Quality via a Bias Reporting Team Member, such as the Coordinator of the LGBT Resource Center,” the flyer reads.

According to the flyer, the Safe Place project is intended to “to affirm LGBTQ identities and lives and promote an affirmative and supportive environment” where participants “use inclusive language, avoid stereotyping, and not assume everyone is heterosexual.”

Cornell’s LGBT Resource Center, which is responsible for the safe place project, asks students to use the gender-neutral pronouns, “sie, zie, and they,” which the center lists as examples of inclusive language.

In response to a question on the center’s website on how often personal pronouns change, the center asks the Cornell community to make pronouns an optional part of introductions around campus during meetings and class sessions.

“Remember that people may change their pronouns without changing their name, appearance, or gender identity. Try making pronouns an optional part of introductions or check-ins at meetings or in class,” it reads.

It is unclear what procedures the LGBT Resource Center has in place to deal with the students reported in response to the flyer’s suggestion.


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