Watch: Woman Assaults Pro-Life Activist at University of Wisconsin-Madison

univesity of wisconsin assault on pro-life activist
Created Equal/YouTube

A woman was caught on video assaulting a pro-life activist, as well as spray painting one of his signs, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The assailant later admitted to police that she had premeditated the act of vandalism after becoming angry over the pro-life signage.

An individual at the University of Wisconsin-Madison — later identified by police as Sasha Timofeeva — is facing two charges after shoving a pro-life activist and spray painting his sign, according to the group Created Equal, which describes itself as “a social action movement seeking to end the greatest human rights injustice of our time [abortion].”

The apparent assault and act of vandalism — which took place in April — was caught on video and later posted to the pro-life group’s social media accounts. You can watch the incident below.

“Fuck you, they’re triggering, they hurt people,” Timofeeva can be heard saying of the pro-life signage, before beginning to spray paint one of the signs.

“Ma’am, don’t do this,” reacted a Created Equal member while attempting to stop the vandal from defacing his sign.

“Fuck you, and your stupid signs,” responded Timofeeva.

“Stop,” said the pro-life activist, appearing to try to take the spray paint can from the vandal.

“Fuck you and your stupid message,” said Timofeeva, who then appeared to shove the pro-life activist.

“You just pushed me. You’re assaulting me. Stop.”

“You just tried to grab my fucking spray paint. You going to tell the police that?”

“Because you’re spray painting our property. Yeah, I’m going to tell [the police].”

“I don’t give a shit,” said Timofeeva.

Moments later, the pro-abortion activist appears to get into her vehicle and speed away from the scene. Later, in a separate video, Timofeeva can be seen speaking to a police officer who is questioning her about the incident, which she responds by telling the officer that she vandalized the sign because she “just got mad at them.”

“I grabbed the paint and I drove back there,” said Timofeeva.

“So — you premeditated, ‘I’m going to get the spray can, I’m going to leave, go get it, and then come back.’ And you intentionally sprayed their signs to damage them?” inquired the officer, “You did that, knowing that you shouldn’t do that?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Like, three girls walked by and they said that I’m a hero,” said Timofeeva, laughing.

“How do you think that the people that were doing the demonstrating were feeling while you were doing that?” asked the officer.

“I’m sure not good, like, I’m damaging their property,” said Timofeeva, “But — I honestly don’t care how they feel.”

Timofeeva is now facing two charges — graffiti vandalism, and disorderly conduct related to simple assault — according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison police department.

“Pro-abortion activists who commit violence must be held accountable, and thanks to the law enforcement in the video, that is exactly what is happening,” said president and founder of Created Equal Mark Harrington in a statement to Breitbart News.

“We refuse to back down in the face of these threats,” added Harrington, “The escalation of pro-abortion violence has forced us to take additional security measures to protect our team.”

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