Stanford Students Stage Walk Out of Event on DACA Repeal

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A group of leftist student activists at Stanford University walked out during a campus event during which a speaker discussed repealing DACA. After the students left, approximately 75 percent of the seats in the venue were empty.

According to a report by the Stanford University student newspaper, a group of leftist student activists disrupted a guest lecture by Texas Solicitor General Kyle Hawkins by walking out of the venue.

Leftist students frequently plan walk-out protests on university campuses. Some of these protests are specifically designed to try to keep conservatives and other interested students out of the venue’s seats.

Just five minutes into Hawkins’ lecture, 75 percent of the crowd got up and walked towards the exit. “Texas Solicitor General Kyle Hawkins was only five minutes into his lecture on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) litigation when more than three-quarters of his audience got up and left the room,” the student newspaper report reads.

Law student Zoe Packman argued that illegal immigrant students should not have to worry about going through the citizenship process.

“It’s incredibly unfair that my fellow students have to face these extra burdens and then be reminded of them in school,” Packman said. “We shouldn’t be discussing the legality of our student population. It’s not a valid question, there is no question there.”

The event was organized by Stanford’s chapter of the Federalist Society. Paul Draper, a member of the organization that helped organize the event, stated that they encouraged leftist professors to counter Hawkins’ position on DACA during the event. However, none of the Stanford professors that were asked to join the evening’s discussion agreed to participate.

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