MSM Outrage Over Anti-Mormon Bigotry Will End Same Day Romney Wins Nomination


As I wrote in my piece yesterday, the MSM had absolutely no outrage to summon in defense of Mormons under attack by leftist haters angry over Prop. 8 a couple of years ago.


But when someone Texas Gov. Rick Perry knows calls the Mormon religion a “cult” — oh my, let slip the dogs of war. Politico’s leftist narrative-driver Ben Smith even tried to drag Mike Huckabee into it. In other words, these are The Rules:

1. When someone says something ignorant about Mormons and some GOP star happens to knows the one who spouts said ignorance, under the guise of fighting prejudice, the MSM puts on a Narrative Jamboree! Swing that Republican round and round, call him a bigot and bury him in the ground!

2. When a bunch of leftists practice actual bigotry, intimidation, and witch hunting against Mormons, the MSM pulls this.

All the MSM is doing is using a guilt-by-association club wrapped in phony outrage as a way to tattoo our side as bigots. This isn’t about some sudden moral revelation the MSM finally had about protecting a religion that doesn’t worship the State. This is all about helping Barack Obama. And there will be no better proof of this than the litany of anti-Mormon attacks sure to come should Mitt Romney win the Republican nomination.

Of course, all this bigotry will be couched in oh-so serious news documentaries, long, thoughtful essays, and the age-old MSM ploy of “raising questions” about some of the more “curious things” surrounding the Mormon faith. And just never you mind that Article VI of the Constitution clearly says: “[N]o religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

My guess is that these coming news articles and beard-scratching feature pieces and documentaries are already being planned and put together in newsrooms all over Manhattan. Remember, the left is always exactly what they falsely accuse us of being, thus the crusade to “other” this threat to Barack Obama will be, if you’ll pardon the expression, fast and furious.

The MSM practicing religious bigotry is nothing new. Those of us who are Catholic and Christian are especially aware of this.The fact that they will attempt to turn Romney into a scary religious freak and force him to answer for the odder parts of his faith is just that — a fact. The MSM will do it even though nothing in Romney’s history or record shows that he is anything more than mainstream and world history shows that most every faith has its oddities.

But if you want to talk about a “faith” the corrupt MSM wasn’t interested in, how about those 20 years Barack Obama spent at the knee of his mentor, Reverend God Damn America? But any digging into Obama’s Church of Racial Demagoguery wasn’t necessary. They worship the correct god, the State.

Whatever your personal opinion of Romney’s political record and vision, he is proving himself a disciplined campaigner able to stay on message and handle most anything thrown his way. So in order to throw Romney off his game, get him on defense, and talk about ANYTHING other than Obama’s epic failure as president, the MSM will be hurling that anti-Mormon bigotry disguised as serious news like there’s no tomorrow. And it will be backed up by the billion dollars Obama’s raising to destroy his opposition.

Moreover, in the eyes of the corrupt MSM, should Obama lose, there really is no tomorrow. Not only has Obama proved himself a failure but so has every liberal wet dream of a policy created over the last 250 years. If the GOP takes over and succeeds where the left failed, that is an unthinkable outcome that must be stopped at all costs.


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