Shorter Politico Front Page: What 'Fast and Furious'?

Yesterday, CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson broke a major story that pretty much confirmed that the ATF gunwalking operation known as Fast and Furious was, at least in part, designed to create an atmosphere where new gun control laws could be put into place. The end result of this cynical plan was to put thousands of dangerous weapons in the hands of Mexican criminals. Many violent crimes were committed with these guns, including the murder of an American Border Patrol agent.

Attkisson’s reporting is a major development in this growing scandal, and yet here’s a snapshot of Politico’s front page taken just a few minutes ago:

That’s right, not a peep.

What are Politico’s priorities?

  1. Obama’s payroll cut “trump card”!
  2. Supposed in-fighting between Cantor and Boehner!
  3. That obstructionist McConnell!
  4. Obama’s strong minority support!
  5. Gee, are Obama’s vacations too long and lavish?

Are you sensing a pattern?

Because I’m sensing a pattern.


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