NYT's Charles Blow Mocks Romney's "Magic Underwear"

Wow. Déclassé. And I’m not even a Romney fan.

From NRO:

We just witnessed ESPN firing an employee for using the phrase “chink in the armor” in a headline about the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin. While no one could prove a desire to mock Lin’s ethnic heritage, and the employee expressed great regret for what he insisted was an unthinking lapse, it was deemed unacceptable even as an honest mistake. Regardless of what one thinks of ESPN’s reaction, one is left to marvel at the contrast before us. Would the New York Times find it acceptable if one of their columnists chose to mock Muslim religious practices? Jewish faith practices?

Please, let’s have Democrats make an issue of candidate faiths. I’d love to revisit how President Obama sat for 20 years in a pew listening to “G*DDAMN AMERICA!” Jeremiah Wright, the man he trusted enough to perform his marriage.

[youtube jc2FCJ7zWEQ nolink]

As many times as Blow plays the race card, you’d think he’d at least pause before perpetuating the same insensitivity he constantly claims in his columns.