Liberal Talker: Romney's Stage at the RNC Like a Mormon Pulpit

Liberal Talker: Romney's Stage at the RNC Like a Mormon Pulpit

Liberal talker Ellen Ratner, no fan of Mitt Romney, just put up this very odd piece at Talk Radio News,”Was Romney’s Stage a Mormon Pulpit?“:

Couldn’t help but notice that the podium used by Mitt Romney Thursday night to deliver his RNC acceptance speech looked eerily similar to the pulpit of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah.

During the 2004 GOP convention, observers surmised that the George W. Bush campaign modeled its podium to look like a cross, which upset some in the Jewish community.

In my opinion, it’s very possible that the actual podium that Romney spoke from, and the design of the stage, was in the shape of a beehive — the Mormon symbol for industry.

So, you be the judge. Was the stage a copy of the Mormon Tabernacle pulpit, or is the fact that the two look sort of similar merely a coincidence? Get the conversation started on Urtak.

Is Ellen Ratner really asking this question, or is she simply offering a not so thinly veiled criticism of Romney’s Mormon faith?

Ms. Ratner’s interest in the stages used by Presidential candidates nominated by their parties must be newly discovered. Based on her comments in the weeks after the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Ms. Ratner apparently had little interest in stagecraft at the time. Somehow, she missed those Greek columns surrounding then Senator Obama as he delivered his acceptance speech in Denver. She was however, able to offer this analysis of the Democratic ticket:

Sen. Obama is a change agent, a breath of fresh air, someone who inspires. Sen. Biden is the “senior statesman.”

It will be interesting to read Ms. Ratner’s comments about the stage in Charlotte next week when President Obama steps out to give his acceptance speech.