Media Savages Ryan for Telling Truth, Accepts Wasserman-Schultz's Bald-Faced Lies

Media Savages Ryan for Telling Truth, Accepts Wasserman-Schultz's Bald-Faced Lies

Because the media knows that on a level playing field Barack Obama has absolutely no chance of winning reelection, this very same media is thrilled to see that the Obama campaign has launched a negative, divisive, and dishonest quest for a second term. The media wants him to win and if this is how a failed Democrat has to win, they are all for it.

But the lies!

The lies!

The bald-face black and white lies the Obama  campaign tells are legion and by the day growing in number, desperation, and sheer audacity.

But the media doesn’t care.

In fact, they love it.

And how do we know the media loves being Obama’s punks? Because while the corrupt media will wage a never-ending campaign to taint Paul Ryan as a liar for telling the truth about a plant closing in Janesville, WI, this very same media allows Obama himself to look them in the eye and lie.  Moreover, this very same media allows Obama’s top surrogates to look them in the eye and lie.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been caught red-handed lying before and after slapping her with a wet noodle, it was business as usual between her and the Obama-worshipping media.  

Sure, the corrupt media will dutifully report the lies, but in no way will they make Obama or his surrogates pay a political price for the lies — not like the political price they’re making Paul Ryan pay for telling the truth about that plant closing.

Today’s example of Wasserman-Shultz again being caught brazenly lying, surround comments she made about Israel and her attempt to cover it by smearing a journalist:

On Tuesday, DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz told Fox News that she never made the claim that Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said that Republican criticism of Obama is dangerous for Israel. After making the statement, Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner posted audio showing exactly what she said.

“We know, and I’ve heard no less than Ambassador Michael Oren say this, that what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel,” she said.

On Tuesday, Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner reported that Wasserman Schultz made the claim while “at a training session for Jewish Democrats held by the Obama campaign here at the Democratic National Convention, aimed at teaching Jewish Democrats how to convince their fellow Jews to vote for Obama.” .

“I didn’t say he said that,” Wasserman Schultz told Fox News. “And unfortunately, that comment was reported by a conservative newspaper, it’s not surprising that they would deliberately misquote me.”

So Wasserman Schultz not only lies about what she said earlier, she attempts to smear the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein in the process.

QUESTION: How many times can Wasserman Schultz get away with lying to the media?

ANSWER: As many times as it takes to win Obama a second term.


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