WaPo Poll: Political Pundit Approval Rating Sits at 21%

WaPo Poll: Political Pundit Approval Rating Sits at 21%

According to a new Washington Post poll, the mainstream media’s political pundits are somehow even less popular than the mainstream media itself. Only 21% of adults look upon American talking heads favorably, while a whopping 59% see them unfavorably. Among registered voters, the favorability number only increases to 23%.

This explains so much, especially the inability of the our corrupt pundit overlords (there are exceptions) to put Romney away for good. If nearly 80% of the American people look upon these gabbers unfavorably, it means they don’t like or trust them.

And why would they? Most pundits are smug, sanctimonious, dishonest, and have a track record worse than the local psychic when it comes to accuracy.

The best news in this poll is that the media continues to not only see a decline in its viewership, but also in its impact. Nowadays, it’s incredible to see how much of our nation’s political discussion is driven by these smirking, bubbled, back-slapping phonies. The only thing more incredible, though, is how overwhelmingly disliked they are among those of us proud to stand with the great unwashed.

You gotta love the American people. They usually get it right.


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