CNN's Blitzer: Letterman Better for Obama Than Israel

CNN's Blitzer: Letterman Better for Obama Than Israel

As the Middle East erupts in flames and as his foreign policy scheme is burned up with it, President Obama refused a meeting with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and instead went on the David Letterman show. One might think the President’s neglect of his duty was a bad thing, but apparently it was perfectly fine with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

On Sept. 19, during an America’s Choice 2012 segment on CNN’s Newsroom, Wolf Blitzer was full of words of understanding for Obama’s choice of Letterman over Israel’s Prime Minister. It just made good sense, Blitzer imagined, for Obama to ignore his duties as America’s director of foreign policy in order to go on a late-night comedy show.

Apparently Blitzer understood perfectly that getting votes should take precedence over foreign policy.

“In the scheme of things, who is going to get you more votes? A meeting that could be tense with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or go on Letterman and come across as well as he did last night.”

With friends in the Old Media like Wolf Blitzer, why does Obama need his own media team at all?

See a full transcript of the segment at Newsbusters.


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