Time Slams 1 Percenter, Forgets to Mention He's a Democrat Donor

Time Slams 1 Percenter, Forgets to Mention He's a Democrat Donor

Venture capitalist and big political donor Tom Perkins has caused not a few controversies over his comments about politics and Time Magazine is again attacking this “1 percenter” for them. But, Time seems to have forgotten to mention one thing. Perkins has been a big Democrat donor.

In the past Perkins invoked Nazi Germany claiming that the rich in America are being threatened with a Kristallnacht-styled oppression by the IRS and the federal government, he said he feels that the rich are being oppressed, and this month said that the rich should somehow get more votes in elections. All of this has made him a target of a tsking, of course.

In a new interview with a Fortune magazine the billionaire said he had an idea that would “change the world.” People should only be allowed to vote if they pay taxes, he said.

During the same interview he repeated his feeling that the rich in America are being persecuted and said that, “if you’ve paid 75% of your life’s earnings to the government, you are being persecuted.”

Joining the tskers, Time went after this vocal political donor over his most recent claim that the rich should get more votes in elections because they pay more into the system.

In its report on Perkins’ comment, Time pointed out that these latest comments came only weeks after he invoked the Nazis’ Kristallnacht saying the actions of liberals in the U.S. parallel “fascist Nazi Germany” and its war on its own one percent, “namely its Jews.”

“This is a very dangerous drift in our American thinking. Kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930; is its descendant ‘progressive’ radicalism unthinkable now?” Perkins said three weeks ago.

Perkins later retracted his comments about Kristallnacht and also said that his comment about who should get the vote was only made in jest.

Time certainly has in its story all the facts for Perkins’ latest eyebrow raising comments. The report details his comments, talks of the his wealth and notes that he is a big political donor. But Time forgot to inform readers of one thing: Perkins has a long history of donating to Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi.

Up until the 2008 election, Perkins was a big Democrat supporter donating to Nancy Pelosi as well as Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign. He also donated to Libertarian candidate Harry Browne in 2000.

Even Huffington Post pointed out that Perkins has a history of donating to Democrats.

But oddly, Time never once mentioned Perkins’ history of political donations preferring instead to leave the details of his record completely out of its story.