Larry King Ridicules CNN for Malaysia Airlines Missing Jet Coverage

Larry King Ridicules CNN for Malaysia Airlines Missing Jet Coverage

Larry King, once one of CNN’s big names, was recently asked if he could work for his old network again, but because of the network’s “embarrassing” coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, King was skeptical.

Appearing on Tuesday’s Today show on NBC, King responded to the question by hinting that he would find it difficult to deliver the empty stories that CNN bosses might push on him.

“The tough time I would have at CNN now, I think, would be doing this airplane story–because I think I’d crack up laughing.” He added, “You know, how many times can you cover a plane? Six weeks and all we know is it made a left turn.”

King was asked if he’d refuse to do such a story were he back on CNN. “Well, what if they forced me to? I would probably not want to do it. I think it would get embarrassing after a while,” he replied.

The long-time talk show host did note that an offer from CNN would be too tempting, that he’d want to do both his current show and any new one CNN offered. 

King now hosts a show on the Internet-based Ora TV. His current show also airs on the Russia Today network controlled by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

This isn’t the first time that Larry King has slammed CNN over its coverage of the Malaysia Airlines plane. He made similar comments to Capital New York’s Alex Weprin.

In that interview, King told Weprin that he was “glad” he wasn’t with CNN now because of the plane coverage. “That has been turned into the most absurd news story,” he said.

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