MSNBC Cover-up: Hillary Left 9/11 Memorial Quietly to Be Polite

Hillary Clinton 9-11 Health Scare (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)
Andrew Harnik / Associated Press

MSNBC host Alex Witt tried to help Hillary Clinton put a brave face on her sudden departure from the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan on Sunday morning, suggesting that while Clinton may have suffered a health scare, she left quietly to avoid being impolite.

Witt said (emphasis added):

Of corse, the big story today has been the fact that Secretary Clinton left rather unceremoniously, having become overheated. We should say the weather has been horrific, very hot, extremely humid temperatures. She was adorned in a long-sleeved coat, a pantsuit. And so what we will see here now is her getting into the car. She was a little bit unstable there, not feeling too well. And, again, she had indicated to staffers around her as well as notably, probably, Secret Service officials that she was not feeling well, and she needed to leave the event. Of course, she certainly did not want to bring attention to herself if not feeling well, given the solemnity of the event going on there at Ground Zero commemorations there of 9/11. So those, again, pictures that we just got into us, and showing the Secretary leaving. She was a little bit wobbly. That’s I think, an appropriate word to use. You could see right there she had become overheated.

Witt seemed prepared to use the Clinton campaign’s own explanation — that the Democratic presidential nominee had become “overheated” — without asking what else might have caused her to feel faint and to stumble.

Breitbart News reporters on the scene reported that the weather was not unusually hot, and there was a breeze blowing.

Clinton later reappeared at her daughter Chelsea’s apartment elsewhere in the city.

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