Nolte: Rachel Maddow’s 17 Most Audacious and Paranoid Russia Hoax Lies

SEPTEMBER 30: Host of “The Rachel Maddow Show” MSNBC Rachel Maddow speaks onstage at the Road to the 2016 Election: A Campaign Preview panel presented by NBCUniversal during Advertising Week 2015 AWXII at the Times Center Stage on September 30, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images …
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This list of Rachel Maddow’s most audacious, reckless, and dangerous lies surrounding the Russia Collusion Hoax was compiled by the Nation’s Aaron Maté. This is his work, his effort, and well worth your time if you want to understand just how recklessly Maddow deliberately misled her audience for two years and why her ratings have now collapsed by double digits.

Because MSNBC is an openly left-wing news out, basically leftist talk radio with pictures, I don’t spend much energy critiquing it. If you are open about your biases and personal beliefs, go with God, let’s have a debate.

The toxic poison in our media ecosystem comes from outlets like CNN, the Washington Post, NBC News, and the New York Times… Outlets that pose as objective when they are actually to the left of MSNBC.

This Maddow thing, though, is something altogether different. Bias is fine — lying, deceiving, misleading, fear-mongering with fake news, and abusing your perch on a major cable news network is not okay.

I’m a big fan of openly partisan news outlets, but who in their right mind would continue to watch or listen to someone who lied with such shameless abandon? Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are not the top guys  on radio (and in Hannity’s case, the top guy on cable news) because they tell us what we want to hear. We trust them. They do not lie to us. And if they get something wrong (which is not very often), it is always a mistake made in good faith and it is always corrected.

But as you will see below, Maddow did not just spend the last two years spreading serial lies and paranoia, she is now lying about her lying. For instance, even though we have the video to prove otherwise, a couple of weeks ago Maddow tried to gaslight her audience into believing she “refused to let myself think about” the compromising video tapes (that don’t exist) we were told Putin had of President Trump.

Maté backs up each item on his list with devastating video … and I do mean devastating.

Rachel Maddow makes Sen. Joe McCarthy and Father Coughlin sound like Plato.

  1. Maddow Tells Her Audience One Thing While the Facts and Her Chyron Say Another

Maddow lied to her audience with the false claim Attorney General Bill Barr was redacting the Mueller report on his own. This is not only no true, her own chyron at time read, “Barr: Special Counsel Is Assisting with Redactions”

  1. Maddow’s False Claim About Ignoring Putin Tapes

Just a couple weeks ago after the Mueller Report debunked the entire Russia Collision Hoax, Maddow lied to her audience with the provably false claim she “refused to let myself think about” the Putin tapes (that don’t exist).

Which brings us to…

  1. Maddow Spreads Evidence-Free Paranoia About Putin Tapes

Maddow told her audience that Putin might use compromising video of Trump (that does not exist) to blackmail him into withdrawing troops.

  1. Maddow Sounds the Alarm About Russia Freezing Americans to Death

Here’s video of Maddow trying to start a war with Russia using paranoid speculation about Putin deliberately freezing the Dakotas to death.

  1. Maddow Suggests Trump Takes Orders Directly From Putin

This is the stuff of street corner ranters begging for change. I once met a homeless guy who said he was married to Victoria Principal.  He even showed me a photo of her (cut out of a magazine) to prove it. Maddow doesn’t even respect her audience enough to cut out a photo.

  1. Maddow Suggests Trump Used Cohen to Pay Off Russian Hackers

Maddow’s lack of respect for her audience’s intelligence and ability to discern the difference between informed speculation and what’s been pulled from one’s backside is mind blowing.

  1. Maddow Says Putin Ordered Trump to ‘Bleed Out’ FBI

We are now to a point where Maddow has not only disgraced herself but also CNN’s Brian Stelter, the self-appointed guardian of journalistic wisdom, who has never taken Maddow to task for deliberately misinforming her audience with wacko conspiracy theories like this one.

  1. Maddow Says Putin Installed Rex Tillerson as Trump’s Secretary of State

I am running out of ways to smack my gob.

  1. Maddow Lies About White House Hiding Trump-Putin Transcript

Straight-up lie.

  1. Maddow Says Putin Ordered Trump to End Korean War Games

More proof Brian Stelter is the hackiest hack in hackdom.

  1. OMFG Russian Pharmaceutical Tycoon and Wife Attend Trump’s Inauguration!

Pure paranoia and the exact same scare tactics and mind games Jim Jones used to keep his cult scared, bubbled, and uninformed.

  1. The Secret Plot to Funnel Money from the Russian Government to the NRA

This isn’t just fake news, it’s nuts, it’s the behavior of a neurotically unstable woman no one loves enough to save from herself.

  1. Trump Presidency Is a ‘Russian Op’

Brian Stelter is garbage.

  1. #Kids4Trump Hashtag Was Russia Plot to “Destroy American Democracy.”

Maddow is a total kook.

  1. Russians Installed Paul Manafort as Trump’s Campaign Manager

No, seriously, Brian Stelter is total garbage.

  1. Russia Installed Trump “To Weaken Parts Of America that Most Annoy … Vladimir Putin

That’s only half of the neurotic madness in this clip. Maddow again says Russia installed Tillerson as Secretary of State and he is doing Russia’s bidding by weakening Oregon, or something…

  1. I Can’t Even

After telling her gullible audience Russia installed Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State…

After telling the suckers Tillerson was doing exactly what Russia wanted him to do as Secretary of State…

Here is Maddow doing a shameless 180 with a delusion about Russia getting Tillerson fired.

And you had better believe there will be no retractions, no apologies, no corrections… Maddow will continue to make fools of her audience and her audience will continue to thank her for it and no one will ever hold her accountable because Brain Stelter is garbage.


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