Nolte: Bottom Falls Out as CNN Ratings Hit 3-Year Low

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Far-left CNN, an anti-Trump, pro-violence, racist, fake news outlet that traffics in conspiracy theories, collapsed to a three-year low in the ratings during the week of November 25.

A three-year low.

Three years.

While Congress is impeaching the president.


And don’t you dare fall for the fake spin and blame Thanksgiving. Fox News increased its primetime audience by six percent when compared to this same week last year. MSNBC lost about 35 percent of its audience but didn’t hit no three-year low, pal.

CNN not only hit a three-year low, the Least Trusted Name in News fell to 18th place during primetime. Fox came in third. MSNBC came in fourth.

Did I mention CNNLOL came in 18th?

CNN’s ratings are so bad, some offshoot channel called Hallmark Movies and Mysteries beat it. Has anyone even heard of that channel? I haven’t–and TV is my life.

CNN’s demo audience, those 25-54 year-olds crucial to setting advertiser rates, fell to a five-year low.

Look at these numbers…

Primetime Viewers

Fox News: 2.2 million

MSNBC: 1.3 million

CNNLOL: 643,000

Total Day Viewers

Fox News: 1.33 million

MSNBC: 781,000

CNNLOL: 539,000

Good grief, the U.S. Congress is impeaching the president based on a hoax, and CNN is barely pulling in a half-million viewers, can’t attract even one-fourth of one percent of the American population.

This goes beyond low ratings. People are rejecting CNN.

One thing I don’t do off the clock is talk politics. You want to talk politics, let me punch in; that will be $25 an hour. I used to love to talk politics, but now that talking politics is my job, I’d rather talk about anything else. Actually, I don’t want to talk about anything. Silence. A book, a cup of Keurig, and silence, if you please.

But I tell ya, even without asking, people freakin’ hate CNN. What I mean is that they volunteer that information. Just bring it up. I hear it all the time, even from people who don’t know what I do for a living. Even strangers in waiting rooms. Hey, y’all mind if I change the channel? As long as it’s not CNN. And for a moment, we all forget we’re in a purgatory of plastic chairs, two-year-old magazines, and bad coffee as we form a bond built on pointing and laughing at CNN.

And it is not the fact that CNN is left wing.

MSNBC is left wing. No one’s arguing that MSNBC is lighting the world on fire, but MSNBC isn’t embarrassing itself.

CNN is just bad TV. Terrible TV. Unbearable to watch. Smug anchors. Endless repetition. Hate. CNN is tedious TV… Just like all propaganda.

These ratings are also another clear-cut sign that impeachment is a total dud.

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