Danny DeVito: Trump Is the GOP’s ‘Crazy Brother-In-Law’ Taking Nice Big Car on a ‘Joy Ride’

Sunday on MSNBC actor and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporter, Danny DeVito said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is like the Republican parties “crazy brother-in-law” on a “joy ride.”

DeVito said, “I  think, you know, the human race, we are who we are. And you know, there are people who are going to be conflicted with certain things. And in terms of the Republican party, I mean, I feel like unfortunately, they have — it’s almost like they had a really nice big car and they loaned it to the crazy brother-in-law who has taken it for a joy ride, and that’s where Donald is. He’s got a lot of people who are riled up, he’s dividing people up. And I think there’s always going to be a reaction from the folks because we are human beings and we do get upset about being attacked or hearing things we don’t want to hear. It’s unfortunate. Did you ever see a movie called “2001”? there’s a great scene in it with the dawn of man, where these animals, apes are around us, as apes in the beginning, around a watering hole, and the other tribe comes to try to get water and we chase them away. And then they go and find a bone, and that bone is like something they can use for a weapon, and they go back to get the water the next time, they get chased away, and the guy uses the bone and commits the first murder. Violence is violence. It’s like something that we’re bred with, but that’s something we have to evolve from. We don’t embrace violence. We don’t embrace war. We don’t embrace animosity. We don’t embrace divisiveness. We embrace brotherhood and sisterhood and pulling people together.”

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