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Panty Raid! Feds Bust Shop for Peddling Royal Blue 'KC' Underwear

The underwear police, aka the Department of Homeland Security, raided Birdies Panties in Kansas City earlier this week. The store’s offense? Selling underwear with a K connecting with a C on the rear. The Kansas City Royals also embrace such a design concept, so the feds, at the behest of Major League Baseball, showed up in the shop. Oct 24, 2014 11:35 AM PT

Kansas City Royals Take Fans Back to the Future

If you could drive a DeLorean three decades into the past, you’d likely stumble upon a dark hall full of Americans captivated by the idea of driving a DeLorean three decades into the past. You would also find a small-market team shocking the baseball world. Oct 21, 2014 12:30 AM PT

'He Has What You Call the Cojones'

“Courage,” trainer Carlos Garcia says of what separates light heavyweight Edwin Rodriguez from his peers. “He doesn’t give up. He has what you call the ‘cojones.’” Oct 18, 2014 9:40 AM PT

Flogged Marvin Lewis Right About 'Lingering' Concussions and the Media

“Ignorant,” “moron,” and “idiot” read as a few of the printable words applied to Cincinnati Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis in the wake of his “lingering” concussions comment. But newly-published scientific researched actually supports the coach’s outlook rather than his critics. Oct 17, 2014 7:24 AM PT

War Machine Jailhouse Suicide Attempt

War Machine, who preferred sleep to submission in his three losses by choke, attempted to tap out on life at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday by strangulation. Oct 17, 2014 12:30 AM PT

Boston Mayor Says 'We Can't Rescind' Red Sox Crony Capitalism Deal

The mayor of Boston reaffirmed his displeasure with a no-bid deal granting the Boston Red Sox rights to several city streets in perpetuity and the Red Sox selling real estate to Boston at an allegedly inflated price. But he insists he can’t do anything about it. Oct 13, 2014 12:41 PM PT

Navajo Nation President Watches Redskins Game with Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder watched his Redskins play the Cardinals on Sunday alongside Ben Shelly, president of the Navajo Nation, and his wife Martha. Snyder's team lost the game on the field as they won a public-relations victory in the visiting owner's box. Oct 13, 2014 2:30 AM PT


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