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David Webb

David Webb is host of The David Webb Show on SiriusXM Patriot 125, co-founder of TeaParty365 in New York City and a Fox News Contributor. Follow on twitter @davidwebbshow.

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Choose to Pursue Your Hearts Desire

Posted with permission from Brigadier General John E. Michel, USAF - Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan; Commander, 438 Air Expeditionary Wing. Sep 24, 2013 5:22 AM PT

Missed, Ignored or Systemic Failures

There were a number of red flags that were either missed, ignored or fell through the cracks with Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. He clearly had a troubled history going back to his Navy service.  Sep 19, 2013 10:36 PM PT

A 9/11 Tribute from Kabul, Afghanistan

  Undoubtedly, scores of similar ceremonies will occur across America today; however, for those of us continuing to fight for the cause of Freedom on foreign soil it was anything but routine.  Here in Kabul, standing shoulder to shoulder with our coalition partners from 14 nations, this moment under the blue Afghan sky served as a reminder of our continued commitment to honoring the memories of those whose lives have been lost since that fateful morning.  Sep 11, 2013 4:23 PM PT

(Audio) NYC Democratic Debate Supporters

Producer for the David Webb Show Ray Mooch took to the streets of New York City; in front of NBC News, to interview supporters of Democratic Mayoral Candidates. Democratic party New York Mayoral Candidates Anthony Weiner, Bill Thompson, Bill de Blasio, Christine Quinn, and John Liu took part in the final Democratic Mayoral Debate on NBC News September 3rd. Sep 3, 2013 9:31 PM PT

Afghanistan --- Have the Courage to Stand Out (video)

Posted with permission from Brigadier General John E. Michel, USAF - Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan; Commander, 438 Air Expeditionary Wing

“Anyone can achieve their full potential…but the path we follow is always of our own choosing.” Martin Heidegger

   One of my favorite stories as a child is the story of David and Goliath.  It remains that way to this day.

   Several thousand years ago the Israelites and Philistines faced off in battle. David’s older brothers were members of the vast army of Israel while David (the youngest of all the brothers) was trusted to stay behind the advancing army and tend the sheep.

   One day David’s father, Jesse, sent David forward to the war zone to deliver some food to his brothers and to gather some news about how things were progressing. David quickly arranged for others to take care of the sheep while he took off on his mission.

   Upon arriving at the battlefield, David was dismayed to find his brothers and the rest of the Israeli army cowering in fear from the taunts of Goliath of Gath.  Goliath was the champion of the Philistine army. He was also a giant of a man, registering about 9 feet tall.  Hurling scores of disparaging remarks and insults at the Israeli army arrayed around him, he hoped someone would take him up on his offer to engage in battle.

  Yet the Israeli army sat paralyzed in fear; no one stepped up to accept Goliaths challenge.

  David, who had been watching all this for several days now, was filled with righteous indignation. He decided to do what no one else would: he volunteered to fight the giant.  

   No doubt the King and his advisors must have thought David had lost his mind (or at least, had a serious death wish). Nonetheless, despite a number of people trying to dissuade him, David refused to back down. He was committed to standing his ground.   

   Given no one else stepped up to answer the giants challenge, King Saul offered David his royal armor to wear into battle.  David graciously refused the offer, largely because the armor was about two sizes too big, and he knew it would do little more than slow him down in the already very mismatched fight.

   From a personal standpoint, I can only imagine the stunned silence on the Israeli side and overt laughter on the Philistine side as the young teenage David set out to fight the supersize Goliath on the open field.  On his way to the battlefield, David paused to gather five smooth stones from the river and pocketed four of them. The fifth went into the sling prepared for its intended target, Goliath.

  As they approached one another, Goliath mocked David and said he certainly was not afraid of a little boy. David rebutted by adding he had no fear of Goliath and that the birds would be picking the flesh off his giant body by the end of the day.

  Needless to say, Goliath’s inflated ego and swollen confidence told him this young man would be one of his easiest casualties to date.

  He was wrong.

  History records that as David and Goliath approached one another, David deftly let fly the single stone in his sling. The stone hit the giant between the eyes and sunk into his forehead. Goliath, momentarily stunned by what was unfolding; fell forward while both armies watched. David then pulled the giants own sword (the ultimate “in your face” move if you ask me) and proceeded to chop off the head of the former Philistine champion.

   The Philistines army sat there in stunned silence, then, tried to flee. The Israeli soldiers were revitalized by what they saw and used their newfound courage to rout the Philistines before they could escape.

   In sum, the final score worked out like this: Sheppard boy with the courage to stand his ground--one; intimidating, arrogant and previously undefeated giant--zero.

  Game over.
Sep 3, 2013 5:24 PM PT

10 Things You Should Know About The NYC Mayoral Race - Part 1

Does New York City want to harken back to the not so halcyon days of insolvency, high crime rates and political misdemeanors? Are there enough New Yorkers who remember the city under mayors Abraham Beame, Ed Koch and David Dinkins? Together they comprise 20 years of liberal policies that left Rudy Giuliani a literal mess to clean up.  Aug 27, 2013 6:27 AM PT


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