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Donald Trump

Bloomberg: Trump Worth ‘Only’ $3 Billion

An analysis by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, based in part on a 92-page personal financial disclosure form made public last week, revealed a portfolio for Trump dominated by skyscrapers and golf courses.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker: How I Would Cut Washington Down to Size

Scott Walker is running for president hardened by four years of fighting for fiscal pragmatism and public sector reform as governor of Wisconsin. Those bruising battles, and his victories in them, underscore nearly every position he has staked out on the road he hopes will take him to the White House.


Ask Carly: Immigration

Karen Dickerson, Huntington Beach, California asks: I was really pulling for you and thought you would be a good opponent against Hillary, but then you went and disparaged Trump’s comments about illegal aliens, when in fact it’s the truth, just


Ask Carly: National Security

Ted Koehl, Hayes, Virginia asks: Ms. Fiorina: Thank you for the opportunity to ask you questions. I like the way you have thought and responded to media questions on your feet. I especially like that you have taken the fight


Ask Carly: Liberty

Breitbart News Radio Listeners ask: What is your definition of Liberty? Carly Fiorina: My definition of liberty is that every person, no matter what they look like, who they are, what their circumstances are, every person’s life is filled with


Ask Carly: Role of Government

Sue Barr, Bonney Lake, Washington asks: Carly, I am especially concerned with the growth and power run amok in the executive branch of our government. Besides executive orders, we hear almost daily about new regulations from NEA, EPA, IRS and


Ask Carly: Taxes

Jason Sweeney, Tigard, Oregon asks: The Federal Tax Code is a disgusting embarrassment of needless complexity. Will you commit to overhauling the Tax Code with a replacement that makes tax compliance simple for the average tax payer? What is your


Ask Carly: Abortion

Randy Walker, Centreville, Virginia asks: I have one simple question, and it is a yes or no answer with no grey areas: Do you believe that it is the right of a woman to decide to terminate a pregnancy at


Ask Carly: Leadership

Sam Delia, Summerville, South Carolina asks: Media only reports your Hillary comments. How are you going to paint yourself in their eyes as a foreign policy leader, economic leader and Commander in Chief? Carly Fiorina: Well, it’s interesting. You know,


Ask Carly: Education

Taylor Melody, Elk Grove, California asks: Hello Carly. If elected President, how would you propose fixing the staggering student debt crisis and do you have any proposals to make college more affordable? Carly Fiorina: So you know what’s interesting to


Ask Carly: Confections

Ruben Martinez, Houston, Texas asks: What’s your favorite ice cream? Carly Fiorina: Well, that’s an easy one Ruben. Chocolate. Chocolate. The more chocolate, the better. Up next in the series: Dr. Ben Carson will answer Breitbart readers’ questions. Submit your

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