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Daniel Nussbaum

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GRATITUDE: J-Law Flips the Bird on Thanksgiving

Jennifer Lawrence certainly wasn’t thankful for paparazzi on Thanksgiving. The Oscar-winning actress (and soon-to-be-director) flipped off the camera while stepping out in New York City on Thursday. Lawrence has flipped the bird at photographers a few times recently, including at

Swimming Pool (Nancy

Drought: Water Savers Fined, Rich Get Free Reign

The number of penalties issued to water wasters during California’s record drought has decreased as most water agencies have successfully complied with a mandatory order to cut water use by 25 percent statewide. However, the state’s complex water management system has created a scenario in which individuals who have cut back the most are often fined, while rich super-users pay to consume as much water as they want.


Michael Moore Offers His Michigan Home to Syrian Refugees

Michael Moore is no fan of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s recent ban on allowing Syrian refugees into his state. In a show of defiance, the Oscar-winning filmmaker has offered up his own Traverse City residence to Syrians looking for shelter in the United States.