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Politico Circles Wagons: Accuses TMZ of Stalking Hillary

The fact that TMZ is currently doing the journalism the mainstream media won’t (aggressively pursuing Hillary Clinton for answers about her email scandal) did not shame the left-wing Politico into being better journalists. Instead, TMZ’s act of journalism made Politico

Jon Stewart Uses Netanyahu Speech to Mock Jewish Women as Frigid

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress Tuesday, Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was right to apologize for a comment he made about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s “surgeries.” What’s surprising, though, is that this was not the
nbc upside down

NBC News Chief Deborah Turness Could Be Replaced

Both Variety and the Associated Press are reporting that the future of newly-installed (in 2013) NBC News President Deborah Turness is now up in the air. After bungling a Today Show leadership change and the agonizing firing of “Meet the
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Media Live-Snarks Netanyahu’s Plea for Israel’s Survival

Like 9th grade Leftists sitting in the back of the classroom, many members of the American live-snarked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plea for his country’s survival with snide, belittling comments: Washington Post editor Chris Cillizza: — Darth! RT @darth

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