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Never-Trump Aides Run Donald Trump’s Outreach to Congress

President Donald Trump has just pushed a never-Trump advisor out of the Vice President’s office, but he is still relying on a trio of establishment or never-Trump aides who failed to get immigration reforms or border-wall funding from Congress in 2017 and 2018.


DHS Says Cities Hid 142 Suspected Gang Members From Deportation

City and country governments ignored federal “detainer” requests and released 142 suspected members of MS-13 and other criminal gangs in the eight months up to June 2017, says a report from the Department of Homeland Security to the Senate’s judiciary committee.


WashPost: 100,000 Migrants Caught, Released Under Trump

President Donald Trump’s border agencies have released 100,000 migrants since January 2017 because of Congress’ catch-and-release laws, says an administration statement provided to the Washington Post. The newspaper reported: The Trump administration has freed about 100,000 immigrants caught at the U.S.-Mexico


Report: Trump’s Immigration Policies Raising Restaurant Wages

President Donald Trump’s low-immigration/high-wage policy is raising the wages and the social status of kitchen workers in California, according to an online magazine covering the upmarket town of Monterey Bay where the median house price is more than $630,000.


DHS Nielsen Endorses More H-2B Visa Workers

Homeland secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told House legislators that the H-2B visa-worker program puts corporate priorities ahead of employees, and also suggested she will soon provide extra visas for companies to hire foreign workers.


DACA Renewals Keep Illegals in Jobs

Almost 65,000 young illegals have reapplied for DACA work permits in 2018 since a court declared that the Department of Homeland Security did not follow legal procedure as it ended former President Barack Obama’s election-year giveaway.