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Neil Munro

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SPLC Should Lose Non-Profit Tax Status, Says Immigration Reform Group

The Immigration Law Reform Institute, which is an affiliate of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, is preparing a legal claim to pressure the Internal Revenue Service to end the SPLC’s non-profit status. If that happens, donors wouldn’t get tax deductions for giving to the group.


Saudi Prince Congratulates Donald Trump on His Victory

Reportedly the richest of many Saudi Princes, Alwaleed Bin Talal demanded that Trump exit the race after Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration following the San Bernardino massacre of Americans by two Muslims — an immigrant woman and the son of an immigrant.


In Florida, Democrats Gain Vote Lead Before Election Day

Polls of the state’s remaining voters show a majority of Floridians plan to vote for Trump on election day, according to a CBS poll. CBS’s poll shows he has a 16-point advantage of 51 percent to 35 percent among the election-day voters.