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Scotland's Independence Vote: What the United States Has at Stake

On Thursday, Scotland will vote in an independence referendum. Polls suggest the vote could go either way. At risk is the continued existence of Great Britain, America’s closest friend and ally. It is for the Scottish people, and the United Kingdom, to decide the fate of the Anglo-Scottish union, but the United States has a profound concern -- and important interests at stake -- in the outcome. 17 Sep 2014, 9:07 AM PDT

Syrian al-Qaeda Rebels Seize UN Weapons in the Golan

The al-Nusra Front, the Syrian rebel group linked to al-Qaeda, has seized UN weapons, uniforms, and vehicles from peacekeepers in the Golan and set up a zone from which to wage attacks, according to the Syrian United Nations ambassador. 17 Sep 2014, 7:44 AM PDT

Trade, Investment Hopes as China's Xi Visits India

AHMEDABAD, India (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping landed in the Indian prime minister's home state of Gujarat on Wednesday for a three-day visit expected to focus on India's need to improve worn out infrastructure and reduce its trade deficit. 17 Sep 2014, 6:55 AM PDT

Syria Air Strikes 'Kill Dozens in Rebel Town'

(AFP) Syrian air strikes on a besieged rebel town in the heart of the country have killed nearly 50 people over the past two days, a monitoring group said on Wednesday. 17 Sep 2014, 6:53 AM PDT

As Scots Mull Independence, Spain's Catalonia Emboldened

BRUSSELS (AP) — If Scottish voters this week say Yes to independence, not only will they tear up the map of Great Britain, they'll shake the twin pillars of Western Europe's postwar prosperity and security — the European Union and the U.S.-led NATO defense alliance. 17 Sep 2014, 6:50 AM PDT

The Enemy of Our Enemy: Iran and ISIS on a Collision Course

President Obama’s pledge to dismantle ISIS, drive it from Iraq, and to strike at its bases in Syria has Secretary of State John Kerry embarking on a coalition-building tour of Gulf and Arab capitals.  Kerry’s task is complicated not only by a fast moving military situation, but by an intricate milieu of sectarian hatred, ambiguous allies and conflicting national interests.    17 Sep 2014, 6:43 AM PDT

Obama's Kipling-esque Mission in Liberia

Nothing better encapsulates President Barack Obama’s foreign policy than the glaring contrast Tuesday between his adamant refusal to send ground troops to confront the threat of the Islamic State terror group, on the one hand, and his sudden announcement that he would be sending 3,000 troops to Liberia to help that country contain its deadly Ebola outbreak, on the other. 17 Sep 2014, 5:27 AM PDT

Russia Vows to 'Protect' Russian Speakers in Baltic States

The Russian government has announced it will "protect" Russian speakers abroad, specifically mentioning the Russian-speaking population of the Baltics. This is not the first time Russia has hinted that it would involve itself in the affairs of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia since Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March. 16 Sep 2014

Hagel: 'I'm Always Concerned About the Southern Border'

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, when testifying about the Islamic State before a Senate panel Tuesday, indicated that the country's border security needed improvement, adding that he is “always concerned” about the U.S. border with Mexico. 16 Sep 2014

As Obama Sends Troops to Fight Ebola, Expert Says 'Five Million Could Die'

The World Health Organization has declared that the official death toll for West Africa's Ebola outbreak is 2,288 as of September 9, with more than 1,000 deaths located in Liberia. As the nation prepares to welcome thousands of American soldiers to the effort against the virus, the nation's largest newspaper has declared the battle lost, and an Ebola expert says five million could die. 16 Sep 2014

Obama Administration Denies Threat of ISIS Crossing Southern Border

In a written statement to the New York Times, the Department of Homeland Security denied that there was "credible evidence" to believe Islamic State terrorists could use the porous southern border to cross into the United States and wage terror attacks. While Democrats defend the sentiment, few question security at the even less protected northern border. 16 Sep 2014

Latest Socialist Shortage: Venezuela Running Out of Breast Implants

Due to the socialist economic policies of President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela has faced a severe shortage of everything from toilet paper to water. But now, the nation is facing a new type of economic hardship: Venezuela is running out of breast implants, and women are taking risks with shady products to make up for it. 16 Sep 2014

CDC: 'Time to Prepare' for a Possible Ebola Outbreak in America

Almost 2,500 are dead in West Africa from Ebola and now the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has told American hospitals to prepare for a possible outbreak on American soil. On Monday, the center released an updated checklist for all hospitals for Ebola preparedness. The CDC also wants America to provide more help to combat the disease in Africa. 16 Sep 2014

Lava Flows from Philippine Volcano, Thousands Flee

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines' most active volcano belched out huge lava fragments that rolled about a kilometer (half a mile) down its slope in an ongoing gentle eruption, prompting authorities to evacuate thousands of villagers, officials said Tuesday. 16 Sep 2014

Russia to Deploy Reinforcements to Crimea Area

(AFP) Russia's defence minister called on Tuesday for the deployment of reinforcements to the Crimea and southern Russia, citing the worsening crisis in Ukraine and buildup of foreign forces nearby. 16 Sep 2014

Roadside Bomb Kills 6 Policemen in Egypt's Sinai

EL-ARISH, Egypt (AP) — A powerful explosion killed five Egyptian police conscripts and an officer near the border town of Rafah in the restive Sinai Peninsula early Tuesday, in an attack that bore the hallmarks of a local al-Qaida-inspired group, Egyptian security officials said. 16 Sep 2014

Ukraine Parliament Ratifies EU Pact

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine's parliament ratified an agreement to deepen economic and political ties with the European Union on Tuesday, and passed legislation to grant autonomy to the rebellious east as part of a peace deal. 16 Sep 2014

Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 3 Foreign Troops

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A Taliban attacker detonated his car bomb next to an international military convoy on Tuesday, killing three troops from the NATO-led force and wounding nearly 20 troops and civilians, officials said. 16 Sep 2014

New British Hostage Under Threat of ISIS Beheading

LONDON (AP) — Now it's Britain's turn to mourn. British aid worker David Haines has been beheaded — like two American journalists before him — and the Islamic State group is threatening to kill a fourth captive. 16 Sep 2014

Saudi Arabia Arrests 27 Christians at a Private Home

Saudi Arabia’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) arrested 28 people for using a home as a church. The officials confiscated Bibles and musical instruments. The Christians were at the home for a prayer meeting. 15 Sep 2014

US, EU Tighten Sanctions To Combat Exxon-Kremlin Partnership

Exxon and Russia’s state-oil company have recently inked a deal to tap billions of barrels of crude oil in Russia; despite sanctions passed against the Kremlin by both the United States and the European Union. However, the Western entities have over the weekend responded by closing a loophole in the sanctions, in hopes to shut down the partnership for good. 15 Sep 2014

Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review

As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares for its first hearing this week, a former State Department diplomat is coming forward with a startling allegation: Hillary Clinton confidants were part of an operation to “separate” damaging documents before they were turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. 15 Sep 2014

North Korea Backs 'Scottish Independence,' Seeks to Trade Natural Resources for Whiskey

North Korea's communist regime has pledged their support for an independent Scotland. North Korea has stated their explicit interest in trading natural resources in exchange for some delicious Scotch whiskey, even if their sovereignty does not become a reality under the leadership of Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond who is pushing for Scotland to break away from the United Kingdom. 15 Sep 2014

Sierra Leone Lost Fourth Doctor to Ebola After WHO Refused to Help Transfer Her to Safety

As the West African Ebola outbreak that has taken more than 2,000 lives continues to spread, the World Health Organization has increasingly warned that the international community has not done enough to stop it. This weekend, however, it was the WHO who did not do enough, as Sierra Leone lost a fourth top Ebola doctor to the disease after the WHO denied funding to bring her to safety. 15 Sep 2014

President Obama’s Address: Too Little, Too Late

On September 10, the world watched as President Obama outlined his plan to address the rising threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIL). Unfortunately, his speech was simply too little, too late. While the president used a lot of the right words, they did not compensate for his failure to lead in a way that strengthens the United States, inspires confidence in our allies, and instills dread and fear in our enemies. 15 Sep 2014

Rescuers End Ocean Search for Navy Fighter Pilot

LEMOORE, Calif. (AP) — Rescuers on Saturday have called off their search of the Pacific Ocean for a Navy fighter pilot whose jet was one of two that crashed west of Wake Island. 15 Sep 2014

Hurricane Odile Slams Baja California, Mexico

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico (AP) — Hurricane Odile raked the Baja California Peninsula with strong winds and heavy rains early Monday as locals and tourists in the resort area of Los Cabos began to emerge from shelters and assess the damage. 15 Sep 2014

Uganda Holds 6 al-Shabab Terror Suspects, Seizes Explosives

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — At least six terror suspects were arrested over the weekend in a raid on an al-Shabab cell that was apparently plotting an attack in this East African country, a Ugandan military spokesman said Monday. 15 Sep 2014

New York's Annual Muslim Day Parade Targets Israel, Egyptian President

NEW YORK, New York-- New York City hosted the 29th annual Muslim Day Parade on Sunday, with the theme “Islam and America Share Common Values.” Despite the slogan, the event featured anti-Israeli “occupation” protesters, aggressively anti-Israel speakers, and flyers were distributed featuring a doctored image of Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi wearing swastikas on his face. 15 Sep 2014


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