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ISIS Stokes Resumption of Lebanon's Civil War

Four days of brutal fighting in and around Tripoli, Lebanon’s second largest city, between reinforced elements of the Sunni terror army ISIS and the Hezbollah-controlled Lebanese army has reignited fears that Lebanon could be descending once again into civil war. 31 Oct 2014, 10:55 PM PDT

Fearing Uprising, Iraq Militants Hunt ex-Police

BAGHDAD (AP) — The Islamic State group is conducting a purge, killing dozens of former policemen and soldiers living in areas of Iraq under its control, in a campaign apparently aimed at preventing any uprising against its extremist rule. 31 Oct 2014, 4:00 PM PDT

War without Strategy

Forty-three percent of voters ranked the economy as the top issue in the 2014 midterm election, versus 15% who cited foreign policy.1 Yet 62% said they were very concerned about terrorism, the largest percentage polled since 2007, before the war turned around in Iraq.2 So why is the public both concerned and yet not concerned? 31 Oct 2014, 9:50 AM PDT

Two-Week-Old Baby Girl Survives Ebola in Sierra Leone

In a striking case of perseverance that may be among the youngest instances of Ebola survival in the history of the disease, a two-week-old baby near Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, was declared Ebola-free after enduring the ravages of the illness since before birth. 31 Oct 2014, 9:31 AM PDT

Liberian President Receives Ebola Supplies for Her Birthday

"I’m not celebrating because there is nothing to celebrate," Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says. She and her nation observed her 76th birthday quietly, given the current Ebola crisis in the nation. As gifts, several groups presented the President with Ebola supplies. 31 Oct 2014, 8:36 AM PDT

Arab-American Leaders All-In to Defend Convicted Terrorist Odeh

On Tuesday, convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmieh Odeh will go on trial in Detroit for allegedly lying to U.S. immigration officials about her past. More than forty years ago, Odeh was sentenced to life in prison in Israel for a bombing in a Jerusalem supermarket that killed two civilians and wounded many others. She was released after ten years in a prisoner swap, and then immigrated to the U.S., telling officials nothing about her history. 31 Oct 2014, 7:47 AM PDT

Abbas: Closure of Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque Site a 'Declaration of War'

Israel’s closure of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound, known to Jews and Christians as the Temple Mount, following an assassination attempt on Wednesday, is tantamount to a “declaration of war,” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday morning. Only one day before, Abbas said he did not want another intifada. 31 Oct 2014, 7:31 AM PDT

Hungary Suspends Internet Tax after Huge Protests

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Following large-scale protests, Hungary's prime minister said Friday that the government would suspend a planned tax on Internet use and reconsider the matter next year. 31 Oct 2014, 6:35 AM PDT

At Least 8 Dead, 34 Injured in Nigeria Bombing

(AFP) A triple bombing at a bus station during Friday morning rush hour in north Nigeria killed at least eight people and wounded 34 others, rescue workers told AFP. 31 Oct 2014, 6:34 AM PDT

Protesters Gather Again in Burkina Faso

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) — Anti-government protesters began gathering in Burkina Faso's capital again Friday, a day after their violent demonstrations pushed the country's longtime president to agree to relinquish power next year. 31 Oct 2014, 6:32 AM PDT

Netanyahu Lashes Back at Harsh US Criticism

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's prime minister said Wednesday that recent verbal attacks against him from the United States were merely because he was "defending Israel" and vowed to carry on with his policies despite the vitriolic rhetoric. 31 Oct 2014, 6:30 AM PDT

Pakistani Students Face Expulsion and Worse For Pro-Israel Display

After a firestorm of criticism, authorities at the prestigious International Islamic University of Pakistan empaneled a special disciplinary committee to “investigate” and punish the students behind a booth that promoted Israeli culture at a recent international student fair held at the university’s Faisal Mosque. 30 Oct 2014

Army Takes Over in Burkina Faso, West African Nation at Risk of Ebola

Just hours after the U.S. announced it was "deeply concerned" about mounting unrest in the West African nation of Burkina Faso, the army's General Honore Traore announced the dissolution of the government. Though there have been no reported cases of Ebola in Burkina Faso, the U.S. State Department warned in August that there was an increasing likelihood that infections might be detected in the landlocked country. 30 Oct 2014

Burkina Faso President Declares State of Emergency

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) — Burkina Faso's leader of nearly three decades declared a state of emergency Thursday, hours after protesters who oppose his bid for another term stormed the parliament and set part of it on fire, marking the greatest threat to his rule since he himself seized power in a coup. 30 Oct 2014

People Greet Peshmerga in Kobane With Open Arms

The Peshmerga, the Kurdish army, arrived in Kobane from Iraq on Thursday. The local Kurds greeted the army with smiles and hugs. Journalists and people spread pictures of the joy on social media. The Kurdish army will defend the city from the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). 30 Oct 2014

'60 Minutes Australia' Airs Live Footage of Kurdish Female Army Battling ISIS

The women of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPJ) fighting the Islamic State on the front lines in Iraq and Syria have a message for the rest of the world: ISIS is not just a threat to them, but "a threat to humanity." 60 Minutes Australia embedded with YPJ forces in Iraq and Syria and found a tough-as-nails force willing to die to save the world from radical Islam. 30 Oct 2014

Saudi Activist: Why I Removed the Veil

No piece of cloth throughout history has sparked more controversy as the veil. Many Muslim women are forced to wear it daily. The hijab has a spectrum, of course, from its most radical embodiments, the niqab, which covers the entire face, to loose fitting headscarves. 30 Oct 2014

CNN: Yazidi Women Sold, Raped, Enslaved by ISIS

She described to me in chilling detail, how the jihadis first demanded that members of her Yazidi religious minority convert to Islam. Then they stripped villagers of their jewelry, money and cellphones. They separated the men from the women. 30 Oct 2014

Rescuers Press to Save 18 Trapped Turkish Miners

ISTANBUL (AP) — Rescue workers desperately pumped water out of a coal mine in southern Turkey and anxious relatives huddled nearby Wednesday after surging waters trapped 18 Turkish miners deep underground. 30 Oct 2014

Australia Seeking to Confirm Death of Top ISIS Member

(AFP) Canberra is seeking to confirm reports the most senior Australian Islamic State recruit has been killed, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Wednesday, as the Senate passed tough new foreign fighter laws. 30 Oct 2014

UN Condemns US Embargo Again, Fails to Condemn Cuban Embargo on America

They have done it again. For the twenty-third time, the New York social gathering known as the United Nations General Assembly has voted to "condemn" the United States for its embargo on Cuba, and for the 23rd time, few, if any, noted the economic, political, and cultural embargo on the West that Cuba imposes on its citizens. 29 Oct 2014

China's 'Discipline Inspectors' Begin Anti-Corruption Campaign

Following Chinese President Xi Jinping's announcement of a new "Mass Line" campaign against corruption within the Communist Party, a party wing known as the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection proclaimed a new session in which they vowed to enforce the utmost discipline among communists in the nation. 29 Oct 2014

US and China Vow Continued Support as Ebola Claims 10,000 Victims

The World Health Organization (WHO) certified this week that more than ten thousand people worldwide--10,141, to be exact--have officially been declared Ebola patients. Of these, almost half (4,922) have died from the disease, and the public health giant warns these estimates are extremely conservative compared to the real numbers. 29 Oct 2014

Bangladesh Islamist Party Chief Sentenced to Death

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — A special tribunal sentenced the leader of Bangladesh's largest Islamist party to death on Wednesday for atrocities and multiple killings during the nation's independence war against Pakistan in 1971. 29 Oct 2014

Crowds Gather for Funeral of Canadian Soldier

(Reuters) - Thousands of mourners packed a church and lined adjacent streets in industrial Hamilton, Ontario, on Tuesday for the funeral of the soldier shot dead in last week’s attack on the nation’s seat of government. 29 Oct 2014

Israeli Cult Leader Goel Ratzon Sentenced to 30 Years

One of the more bizarre episodes in Israel’s history has come to an end, as polygamist cult leader Goel Ratzon was sentenced by the Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday to 30 years in prison on his convictions for sex crimes and financial fraud, reports Israeli newspaper Haaretz. 29 Oct 2014

Seoul: North Korea's Kim Jong Un had Ankle Surgery

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea's spy agency believes it has solved the mystery of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's 6-week public absence that set off a frenzy of global speculation, a lawmaker who attended the agency's closed-door briefing said Wednesday. 29 Oct 2014

Poland in Defense Shift as Security Concerns Rise

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland is planning a major realignment of its military structure because of the conflict in neighboring Ukraine, the country's defense minister said Monday, a move that could shift thousands of troops to its eastern border. 29 Oct 2014

Why ISIS is Winning

In the past 24 hours, reinforcements have been arriving in the besieged Syrian town of Kobane, where Kurdish troops have slowly been losing their months-long battle with the Islamic State (ISIS). 29 Oct 2014

10 Dead, over 250 Missing in Sri Lanka Mudslide

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — A mudslide triggered by monsoon rains buried scores of workers' houses at a tea plantation in central Sri Lanka on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people and leaving more than 250 missing, an official said. 29 Oct 2014

World View: Egypt Begins Evacuating Sinai Residents on Gaza Border

Following on the car bomb that killed 33 Egyptian troops in Sinai last Friday, which Egypt's president Abdel al-Fattah al-Sisi said in a nationally televised speech was an existential threat to Egypt, Egypt is now beginning to evacuate residents of Sinai along the border with Gaza near the Rafah crossing, in order to create a buffer zone. 29 Oct 2014


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