Obama: 'It's Going to Be Very Hard to Put a Ceasefire Back Together Again'

President Barack Obama answered questions about the ongoing war in Gaza on Friday at the White House. He noted that the ceasefire the U.S. had announced with the UN the day before, and that took effect Friday at 8:00 a.m. local time in Gaza, was violated by Hamas. In addition to condemning the killing of two Israeli soldiers and the kidnapping of a third, Obama said that "it's going to be very hard to put a ceasefire back together again."
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ISIS Magazine Promotes Stoning, Mass Executions

The Islamic terrorist group known as the "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) is making itself more visible in the West now. Newsweek is reporting Pro-ISIS demonstrators calling for “death to Jews” in the Netherlands.  German news outlets reported ISIS supporters in Saarbrucken hung the ISIS flag from a balcony of a private home for several weeks. The flag was only recently removed. 1 Aug 2014

A Hundred Years After World War One, Americans Have a Lot to Learn

On the centennial of World War One, perhaps the most urgent question is this: Could we fall into another such global war? Could we end up in another conflict such as the one, a century ago, that took 20 million lives? Essayist Roger Cohen, writing for TheAtlantic.com, has his glum answer: “Yes, It Could Happen Again.” 1 Aug 2014

Communist Vietnam May Join the U.S. Team

Sixty prominent members of Vietnam's Communist Party, including a former ambassador to Beijing, signed a letter on July 29 urging political and economic reforms that would divorce Vietnam from reliance on China, according to a July 30th report by the German Press Agency. 1 Aug 2014

Obama: 'It's Going to Be Very Hard to Put a Ceasefire Back Together Again'

President Barack Obama answered questions about the ongoing war in Gaza on Friday at the White House. He noted that the ceasefire the U.S. had announced with the UN the day before, and that took effect Friday at 8:00 a.m. local time in Gaza, was violated by Hamas. In addition to condemning the killing of two Israeli soldiers and the kidnapping of a third, Obama said that "it's going to be very hard to put a ceasefire back together again." 1 Aug 2014

UN Secretary General Pushes for Abortion During Wartime

Despite more than twenty years of rejection by the UN General Assembly, abortion advocates continue to clamor for an international right to abortion that is supported by UN treaties and international law. It is one of the most-contested propositions in the UN system. 1 Aug 2014

Russian Deputy PM Mocks U.S. with Photo of Obama Holding a Puppy

"We have different values and allies," tweeted Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin yesterday of Russia and the United States. To illustrate, the Russian official posted a split-screen of photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Barack Obama-- the former holding a leopard, the latter holding a Bichon Frise. 1 Aug 2014

Islamic State Flag Confuses Government and Separatists in India

While the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, mainly operates in Iraq and Syria, the radical jihadist group is slowly spreading its influence. A black IS flag first appeared in Srinagar, India on July 11, later appearing in the towns of Jammu and Kashmir on Eid-ul-fitr on July 29. The flag concerns the government of India as well as separatists in the area. 1 Aug 2014

American Quarantined in Liberia for Ebola Dies of Unrelated Illness

The first American death attributed to Ebola may not have been caused by the virus at all. Nathaniel Dennis of Columbia, Maryland, died in Monrovia, Liberia, after experiencing a seizure and entering a coma; his family blames the hospital, which, fearing Ebola, did not allow them to transfer him to a better medical center. 1 Aug 2014

World View: Opening Rafah Border Key Goal of Hamas

Hamas's committed objective is to get the "siege" lifted, which would permit people and goods to flow freely out of Gaza. There are a few border crossings into Israel, but the most important aspect of this objective is opening the Rafah border crossing that connects Egypt and Gaza. 1 Aug 2014

Before Kidnapping, Hamas Was No-Show in Egypt

Col. (res.) Lior Lotan, the former leader of the Israeli Defense Forces hostage negotiating team, told a conference call Friday morning that Hamas had failed to send a negotiating team to Cario, Egypt as expected--suggesting, he said, that Hamas already knew it planned to mount a kidnapping effort that would break the ceasefire. 1 Aug 2014

China Says Islamist Militants Kill Pro-Beijing Imam in Xinjiang

(Reuters) - Three suspected Islamist militants armed with knives and axes killed the imam of China's biggest mosque in the western region of Xinjiang on Wednesday, the authorities said, days after a knife-wielding gang attacked state buildings in the same region. 1 Aug 2014

Analysis: Kerry, Obama to Blame for Kidnapping of IDF Soldier

While the immediate blame for the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin Friday morning, a mere 90 minutes into a humanitarian ceasefire, lies with Hamas, the responsibility must also be shared by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama, who put enormous pressure on Israel for weeks to accept a ceasefire before it had eliminated the terrorist threat, and while it had significant momentum against Hamas on the battlefield. 1 Aug 2014

Hamas Kidnaps IDF Soldier, Ending U.S.-Backed Ceasefire

Multiple news outlets report from Israel that the Hamas terrorist group attacked Israel Defense Forces in the southern portion of the Gaza Strip on Friday morning, 90 minutes after the start of a freshly agreed 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire, and that they captured one Israeli soldier for the first time int the 26-day conflict. 1 Aug 2014

Black Cuban Dissident Slams Congressional Black Caucus

Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera, the head of Cuba’s Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement aimed at organizing black Cubans against the communist regime of Raúl Castro, had a pointed message for the Congressional Black Caucus during a talk in Washington, D.C., this week: stop helping the white Castro oligarchy oppress black Cubans. 31 Jul 2014

MEMRI: Chicago Imam Preaches Jihad Against Israel

The Middle East Media Research Institite (MEMRI), which specializes in translating media in the Middle East, has uncovered chilling videos in the United States itself. The video clips, posted Thursday to MEMRI's website, allegedly show Sheik Mohamed Elimam of the Chicago Islamic Center preaching jihad against Israel. 31 Jul 2014

Hamas Rocket Fire Prevents Aid from Reaching Gaza

JERUSALEM - 158 trucks carrying humanitarian aid and relief supplies were scheduled to enter into Gaza from southern Israel on Tuesday. However, due to Hamas rocket fire and the deteriorating security situation in Israel, just 43 trucks made it through Kerem Shalom Crossing on the Israel-Gaza border. 31 Jul 2014

Hamas Official: Israelis 'Addicted' to Killing Women and Children

In an attempt to smear Israel and justify his organization's prolonged terrorist campaign against it, Hamas official Osama Hamdan claimed on Lebanese television that Jews have "become addicted to" killing children and women. He also argued it was "not a figment of imagination" that Jews used Christian blood in their Passover bread. 31 Jul 2014

Video: Kubutz Residents Describe Life Under the Threat of Hamas

Israelis living in Kubutz communities have seen decades of violence from terrorist groups, Hamas particularly, working out of Gaza and Palestinian areas. In interviews with Breitbart News' Tera Dahl, Kubutz residents both near Gaza and in Golan Heights describe decades of life near the enemy. 31 Jul 2014

Argentina Defaults for 3rd Time in 28 Years

If you are a 28-year-old millennial in Argentina, you would have lived long enough for your nation to default for a third time in 28 years at 12:01 AM on August 1. The nation’s Economy Minister Axel Kicillof acknowledged the default after a flurry of last minute negotiations with creditors from around the world. Argentina's strategy when it comes to discussing paying back debt is to “delay as much as possible while introducing persistent legal ambiguity,” according to Stratfor Global Intelligence service. 31 Jul 2014

Living Under Siege: One Mile from the Gaza Border

One Mile From the Gaza Border, ISRAEL-- Shai Hermesh lives on a Kubutz in Israel a mile away from the Gaza border. He has lived on the Kubutz for over 50 years, the Kubutz was founded in 1956. Sitting in the dining room, he spoke about the fear that the residents live in on a daily basis: "We didn't know about the underground tunnels, we are scared of the tunnels. They are here in the Kubutz." 31 Jul 2014

UN Human Rights Chief: Israel, Hamas Committing War Crimes

GENEVA (AP) — The U.N.'s top human rights official accused both Israel and Hamas militants of committing war crimes in the latest Gaza war, but reserved her harshest words for the Israeli government, which she said Thursday was deliberately defying international law. 31 Jul 2014

World View: The Gaza War Becomes Existential for Both Sides

Israel received almost worldwide condemnation on Wednesday for air strikes on a crowded Gaza marketplace and on a United Nations shelter, killing or wounding over 100 civilians, including women and children. On the other hand, Hamas released a taunting video of how they used one of their tunnels under the border fence between Gaza and Israel on Monday to surprise and kill five Israeli soldiers. 31 Jul 2014

West Africa Ebola Outbreak Tops 700 Deaths

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The deadliest recorded Ebola outbreak surpassed 700 deaths across West Africa on Thursday as the World Health Organization announced dozens of new deaths reported in the last several days. 31 Jul 2014

NGO Report: Syria Kurdish/Jihadist Battle Kills 49

(AFP) A fierce battle between Syrian Kurds and Islamic State jihadists has killed nearly 50 fighters from both sides as the Kurds seized several IS positions, a monitoring group said Thursday. 31 Jul 2014

Analysis: U.S. Failures in Gaza Make Israel-Iran War More Likely

Amidst the many foreign policy stumbles--and occasional successes--of the Obama administration, there have been few as embarrassing as the failure in the ongoing Gaza conflict. No agency has been spared. The State Department has looked incompetent, with John Kerry's failed ceasefire mission that alienated all relevant parties. The Pentagon provided weapons, but its intelligence assessments have been absurd. And the President, who took Israel to the UN Security Council, has fared worst of all, his promise to "have Israel's back" debunked. 31 Jul 2014


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