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Intelligence Nightmare: Extremists Returning Home

The Obama administration has offered a wide range of assessments of the threat to U.S. national security posed by the extremists who say they've established a caliphate, or Islamic state, in an area straddling eastern Syrian and northern and western Iraq, and whose actions include last week's beheading of American journalist James Foley. 30 Aug 2014, 6:46 AM PDT

World View: Russia Widens Its Invasion of Ukraine

Troops, tanks, and weapons from Russia's army are pouring into Ukraine in support of anti-government militias in a new war front in the country's southeast. The initial Russian invasion conquered and annexed the peninsula of Crimea, which is insulated and extends south into the Black Sea. 29 Aug 2014

Libyan Interim Government Submits Resignation

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Libya's interim government submitted its resignation to the newly elected parliament on Friday, raising the possibility that a more inclusive government will be formed, while militias in the capital accepted a U.N. call for a cease-fire. 29 Aug 2014

UN: Ebola Disease Caseload Could Reach 20,000

GENEVA (AP) — The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is accelerating and could grow six times larger to infect as many as 20,000 people, the World Health Organization said Thursday. The U.N. health agency unveiled a new road map for containing the virus, and scientists are fast-tracking efforts to find a treatment or vaccine. 29 Aug 2014

Obama Never Has a Plan

On Thursday, President Obama held a press conference in which he humiliated himself entirely on the question of America’s handling of the terror group ISIS. Explaining that he had to consult Congress and check the pulse of Americans, Obama stated, “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.” 29 Aug 2014

Report: ISIS Reaches Asia

The National Interest's Hannah Suh reports on Islamists in Southeast Asia pledging allegiance to Islamic State, the brutal terrorist organization conquering swaths of Iraq and Syria. 28 Aug 2014

Mother-in-Law of Terror Leader 'Honored' Her Daughter and Grandchildren Died as Hamas Human Shields: Offers Both Other Daughters

Zeian Asfura, the mother of Widad Deif, the wife of elusive Hamas leader Muhammed Deif, who, along with her two small children, were killed while sheltering in a Hamas hideout hit in an Israeli air strike that targeted the terror mastermind, told the Sunday Times she would only be too “honored” to marry off both of her other surviving daughters to Deif if it meant they could also be "martyred." 28 Aug 2014

Netanyahu's Approval Sinks After Gaza Ceasefire

A new Israeli poll shows that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s job approval rating has suffered dramatically in the wake of the Gaza ceasefire, which many Israelis felt was premature. At the same time, another poll shows that Israel’s right-wing parties would gain if new elections were held now. 28 Aug 2014

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Being Investigated for Fraud

International Monetary Fund Chief Christine Lagarde is under investigation by French authorities for alleged negligence and political fraud surrounding her role in awarding a sum of 400m euro (£318m; $527m) to French business tycoon Bernard Tapie in 2008, while serving as finance minister in former President Nicolas Sarkozy's cabinet. 28 Aug 2014

World View: Europe Tries to Deal with Increasing Flood of Migrants from Africa

The number of migrants leaving Africa on unsafe smugglers' boats hoping to reach Europe has been surging this year. This year, 110,000 people have been rescued from drowning on the unsafe trip, hoping to reach the southern tip of Sicily. That figure is up from 42,000 in all of 2013. Some 1,900 others have died this year during the perilous crossing. The numbers have surged this year because of the unrest in Syria and Libya. 28 Aug 2014

FLASH: Russian Tanks Invade Ukraine

Two columns of Russian tanks and military vehicles fired Grad missiles at a border post in southeastern Ukraine, then rolled into the country Thursday as Ukraine's overmatched border guards fled, a top Ukrainian official said. 28 Aug 2014


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