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How Donald Trump Won the Debate

Frank Luntz utilizes an unusual apparatus to definitively evaluate who won a political debate: He takes a small sample of voters, hooks them up to an electronic device, turns on a TV, and carefully tabulates all the moments when they click “like” and “not like” while a politician speaks.

The Rubio Campaign Stumbling Over Questions About Why He Skipped CR Convention

Rubio was originally scheduled to speak at the convention at 8 PM local time. He had confirmed his attendance earlier in the week, Levin told reporters after the event. Thousands of attendees had paid to hear from conservative thought leaders and legislators. At the appointed hour, Rubio was nowhere to be found. The question now remains: Did Sen. Rubio make simultaneous commitments and not inform the organizers of the Conservative Review event of the potential scheduling conflict?

National Journal: Luntz Fails to Disclose Rubio Connection

S.V. Dáte writes at National Journal: “Political junkies who follow Republican messaging guru Frank Luntz know how he felt that Marco Rubio performed in the most recent GOP presidential debate—his televised focus group, his Twitter stream, and his interviews left no doubt that he’s a Rubio fan. What they probably don’t know about is Luntz’s close relationship with Rubio over the years.”

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BOOM: Ted Cruz Eviscerates Left Media in Debate

As he has taken on the “Washington Cartel,” Ted Cruz took on the left-of-center and “mainstream” media during the CNBC GOP presidential debate on Wednesday night. Cruz took the focus-group dial to a record-breaking 98 percent when he unloaded on the CNBC moderators for their bias during the debate and indicted the media in general.

Pro-Trump Focus Group Make Frank Luntz’s Legs Wobble

After overseeing a focus group of 29 fervent Donald Trump supporters, Republican pollster and consultant Frank Luntz told a group of reporters that, “My legs are shaking.” Although the Middle East is in chaos, our Southern border is in chaos,


Exclusive — Donald Trump Trolls His Critics Again: While Planned Parenthood Does Abortions, No Tax Dollars Should Go Their Way

In response to several folks seemingly misunderstanding what the 2016 GOP frontrunner said on CNN on Tuesday morning about Planned Parenthood funding, Donald Trump has issued a statement to Breitbart News exclusively that makes it crystal clear where he stands: While the organization conducts abortions, they should receive no taxpayer dollars.