Roy Blunt Parodies Gun Control Ad: ‘All These People Can Assemble Guns, but Only One Supports Hillary’

Missourians for Kander / YouTube
Missourians for Kander / YouTube

On September 16, Breitbart News reported on an ad in which Senator Roy Blunt’s (R-MO) Democratic challenger, Jason Kander, assembled an AR-15 while blindfolded, then called for more gun control.

On September 20, Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) released a parody of Kander’s gun control ad. The parody features Kander and numerous others — all of whom are assembling guns — and stresses that while they can all assemble guns, only one of them — Kander — is actually a chairman for Hillary Clinton’s national campaign.

Blunt’s ad goes on to inform voters that only one person who appears in the ad received an “F” from the NRA for “his failure to defend the Second Amendment,” and “only one supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.” Again, that one person is Kander.

The ad’s narrator then suggests Missourians want someone other than “a Hillary Clinton national campaign chairman,” a man who failed to defend the Second Amendment, and a man who supports amnesty. On the other hand, Senator Blunt is 100 percent anti-Hillary Clinton, he stands on a strong gun rights record and opposes amnesty.

The NRA supports Blunt as a Senator who will defend the Second Amendment. His ad closes with a caption that says, “Missouri voters know what’s important.”

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