Brandon Darby

Brandon Darby

EXCLUSIVA: Estos Mandos del CDG Controlan El Tráfico de Migrantes a Texas

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Dos mandos clave del Cartel del Golfo en esta ciudad fronteriza han estado controlando el contrabando de migrantes y solicitantes de asilo en Texas con fines de lucro. Breitbart News tuvo acceso exclusivo a información de inteligencia policial y militar que no solo identificó a los dos líderes clave y su papel como crueles ejecutores del Cartel del Golfo, ordenando secuestros y asesinatos, sino que también detallan su trabajo para controlar el tráfico de miles de migrantes desde Reynosa, Camargo y Miguel Alemán rumbo a Texas diariamente.

Human Smugglers move migrants across Rio Grande in raft. (File Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)

EXCLUSIVE: Leaders of Gulf Cartel’s Migrant Smuggling Operations into Texas Unmasked

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – Two local leaders of the Gulf Cartel control the smuggling of migrants and asylum seekers into Texas for profit. Breitbart News was given exclusive access to police and military intelligence identifying the men and their roles as fierce enforcers — detailing their operations to smuggle thousands from Reynosa, Camargo, and Miguel Aleman into Texas daily.

Human Smugglers move migrants across Rio Grande in raft. (File Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)

Court Docs: Feds Look to Seize El Chapo’s $12.6 Billion

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are seeking to seize $12,666,191,704 in assets, cash, and property that they claim famed kingpin “El Chapo” accumulated during his criminal career.

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Texas Border Point-of-Entry Closed After Threat of 2nd Migrant Rush

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – The threat of a rush by migrants seeking asylum led to the temporary closure of a local port-of-entry Thursday. The shutdown follows one day after authorities closed operations at a separate bridge where migrants rushed the gates. Some claimed they were being extorted by Mexican immigration officials.

Migrants Matamoros

Detienen A Estratega de Narcoterrorista Tras Investigación de Breitbart News

MONTERREY, Nuevo León – Las autoridades arrestaron al estratega clave dl grupo de Los Zetas conocido como Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) días después de que Breitbart News publicara una investigación exclusiva donde lo identificó como el vínculo clave entre el líder del cartel y los sicarios que han estado asesinando a policías estatales y locales en este estado fronterizo.

Los Zetas

Israeli DJ Killed in Mass Shooting During Mexican Tour

An Israeli DJ performing on tour in Mexico died during an attack by suspected cartel gunmen who fired into the crowd. The attack killed the DJ and an assistant as well leaving two others wounded. The state where the shooting took place is one currently dominated by a faction of Los Zetas.

Murdered DJ

Eight Kidnapped Bangladeshi Migrants Rescued in Mexican Border City

Mexican authorities are investigating the kidnapping of eight Bangladeshi migrants in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. The migrants spent five months moving to the Texas border and obtained travel documents from the Mexican government before the incident.

Bangladeshi Migrants

Nicaragua Confirms Arrest of Fourth ISIS Terror Suspect

Nicaraguan authorities confirmed the arrests of four, not three ISIS terror suspects who entered the country as part of a migrant group with Costa Rican travel documents. Three of those men are the individuals Breitbart News first reported on, regarding an international alert from U.S. law enforcement agencies.

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EXCLUSIVA: Autoridades Mexicanas Confirman que USA les Avisó Sobre Presuntos Terroristas de ISIS Que se Dirigen a la Frontera

Las autoridades mexicanas están en alerta máxima con respecto a tres presuntos terroristas vinculados a ISIS que se cree que se están viajando desde Centroamérica a México y potencialmente a la frontera de los Estados Unidos. Se advirtió a las autoridades que los sospechosos podrían intentar ingresar a México dentro de un gran grupo de migrantes o con la ayuda de traficantes de personas.


Mexican Newspaper Staffer Gunned Down in His Garage

A newspaper employee died in the border state of Tamaulipas days after being critically injured in a shooting near his home. The journalist joins a growing number of Mexican news staffers murdered in 2019.

Tamaulipas highway

Migrants Returning Home amid Mexico’s Crackdown, Says AP

Central American migrants are becoming concerned over the increased security along Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala. The escalation in patrols and tightened immigration enforcement is expected to make their journey to the U.S. border more difficult, some say.

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One Mexican Journalist Killed, Another Kidnapped Within 24 Hours

In less than 24 hours, hooded men murdered a journalist in the Mexican state of Tabasco while in Veracruz, gunmen kidnapped a second reporter. To date, seven journalists have been killed in 2019 with nine total since Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) took office.

Kidnapped Mexican Journo