Elliot M. Kaplan

'The Dark Knight Rises' Offers Precursor to Nov. Election

When “The Dark Knight” came out in 2008, I saw in its dialogue and cinematography a reflection of the fears and concerns of America.  The depth of our vulnerability was exemplified in the movie through the drama of the hostages

'The Dark Knight Rises' Offers Precursor to Nov. Election

Politics Undermines the Meaning of Words

Recently, I woke in Texas, I mean Kansas to an article about how Bloomberg Markets exposed that the Administration that campaigned on open and honest government had secretly loaned eight trillion dollars to banks during the credit crisis in order

President Obama Has Become Marginalized

Regardless of where you stand on the budget debate the most fascinating result has been the undeniable realization that President Obama has been marginalized and is now fighting for a seat at the table. I believe it is a first

The Budget Compromise Is Just the Beginning

Walking into Miss B’s Café in Louisburg, KS you join farmers, cattlemen and cowboys. It is a throwback to a time when the local community would gather around a table and talk to one another about local, state and national

Will the GOP In Nevada Re-elect Harry Reid

Democrat Harry Reid’s Senate race enjoys little hope of victory without Republican “Club” members. His poll ratings are down; he is held in contempt by most of the country; there is little that is attractive about him; he does not