Obama Stands By ‘Revenge’

According to Mark Knoller at CBS News, Obama’s campaign press secretary, Jennifer Psaki, says the President has “absolutely no regrets” about suggesting his supporters use voting as a tool of vengeance against Mitt Romney. If you recall, last week, the president of the United States told a rally in Ohio  that “voting’s the best revenge!” — against Mitt Romney.

And today, he still believes that:

Just a reminder that Obama doesn’t have the courage, decency, or presidential chops to take back something no politician, much less a sitting president, should ever do, and that’s pit Americans against one another.

Obama’s run a small campaign because he’s a small man; a divisive, mean-spirited, and petty campaigner who seems annoyed by the  very idea he should even have to campaign for a second term.

If you want to know what an American president is supposed to look like, watch below: