Limbaugh Does Job Media Won’t: Lays Out ObamaCare

Via our friends at the Right Scoop, here are 16 fascinating, horrifying, and depressing minutes that lay out what to expect from ObamaCare over the next couple of years, which is now the law of the land:

This massive entitlement was passed two years ago, and yet where has the media been when it comes to explaining to the American people what it all means and what to expect — good and bad.

Obviously, you can’t expect CNN or 20/20 or Nightline to take the approach Limbaugh did, but wouldn’t an hour-long, in-depth look at the scope and breadth of ObamaCare have been a real public service? Especially before the election or as soon as it was passed into law and signed.

But how do you condemn the media when this is something Republicans haven’t even done — when it’s something Romney didn’t do. If I ran the RNC, I would’ve produced an hour-long program laying it all out and then spent whatever was necessary to broadcast it on the networks.