Dorner Fan Club Strictly a Left-Wing Phenom

In response to About that Bipartisan Dorner Fan Club:

 The article attempts to make the case that the #teamDorner phenomenon isspread across the aisle, “Dorner is now hailed as a kind of folk heroby some on the Chomsky-esqueleft and the Ron Paul right, who view the killer’s manifesto as anarticulate indictment of the “police state” they have always opposed. ”


Remember how the left-wing media complex tried to compare the Occupy rabble to the tea party movement in a desperate attempt to drag conservatives down into their own nightmarish dystopia. (The Jawa Report has the ultimate Tea Party/Occupy compare contrast, here.)

Now we have some in the media trying to drag conservatives into the Dorner Fan Club muck using the most untenable of links – Glenn Beck (doesn’t glorify Dorner) and Alex Jones (???? not conservative).

Once the spotlight is on a left-wing movement in all its demented, god-awful glory, they always want to share that spotlight with us on the right.

Darn generous of them, eh?