Art Appreciation by Way of NYC Bathrooms

Finally, the blog I know you’ve all just been holding your breath for – a tour of NYC by way of the porcelain throne.

Game of Thrones: New York City’s Most Filthy and Fascinating Bar Toilets 

Initially, I rolled my eyes at that post and was about to move on to the next story.  But then I took a closer look. 

Oddly, you might be surprised how much history and art can be appreciated by way of the bathrooms in some establishments in big cities. I’ve been to a few of the places on the list and some of the old-school architecture and tiling are throwbacks to historical design, like at Putnam’s Pub.  And then there are those with interesting bold graffiti, like at Shea Stadium or the Wreck Room. 

All that, of course, is if you can forget for a moment that you’re appreciating history and art from inside a bathroom.