Obama’s Racially Divisive Hispanic Agenda

The Democratic Party continues to espouse its new Mexican-sovereignty narrative that is only meant wedge a divide among Americans, and pander for Hispanic votes, , in lieu of the ongoing immigration reform debate. On the heels of President Obama’s remarks  to Mexican students in Mexico City, Mexico, where he stated that the current U.S. immigration system “doesn’t reflect our values,” Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz made a statement on Democrat.org, “in honor of Cinco de Mayo,” stating that it was important to “honor a singular moment in Mexican history.”

 Wasserman Schultz sneaks in that on May 5, 1862, “Mexican fighters and workers joined together and defied the odds, beating a much larger and better-armed French army at the Battle of Puebla,” and then adds that “ Cinco de Mayo represents an historic moment of triumph for the people of Mexico.”

The Battle of Puebla, which it is historically know as, occurred in the Mexican state of Puebla. These “Mexican fighters and workers” Wasserman Schultz talks about were primarily comprised of the Mexican army.

Interestingly enough, Wasserman Schultz and others are quick to praise the military efforts of Mexico against the French, yet have never praised or even mentioned the brave U.S. military efforts against Mexico in the “Mexican War,” which ended a few years prior to the Battle of Puebla.

The Mexican war ended when Mexico signed a peace treaty that resulted in the secession of Alta California and New Mexico in exchange for cash. Radical Mexicans-Americans living in the U.S. have always contended that the Southwest United States, including California, was stolen from Mexico. These extremists, many who believe in the racist and combatant “La Raza” movement, would like to see “a new Mexico” rise up in the western United States.

Some Mexicans may think America disrespects Mexico, that we seek to impose ourselves on Mexican sovereignty, or, alternatively, wish to wall ourselves off President Barack Obama

While the Democrats “honor” Cinco de Mayo, which to many Americans is just another day to reap the benefits of alcoholic drink promotions at their local bar, perhaps they should focus on a few other “singular” moments in the history of other foreign countries, whose citizens have immigrated to the U.S., and like the Mexican immigrants, also make up a considerable portions of the overall Hispanic voting bloc?

Since the Democrats like to boast that they best represent the “Latino community” and that this community believes in “shared sacrifices” the redistribution of wealth, they should also “honor” other “singular” moments in Hispanic history like Cuba’s Independence day and Colombia’s declaration of independence against Spain.