Cyber Beat Daily: British LulzSec Hackers Await Sentencing + The Day's Top Tech Stories

The day’s top stories in social media and technology for 5/15: British LulzSec hackers await sentencing this week, police in China pursue blogger for White House petition, publisher threatens to sue blogger for $1billion, latest coach-student sexting scandal, ZPanel official forum accounts compromised, Bloomberg message leak spooks Wall Street traders, Playstation hacking suspect sentenced to house arrest, Smartphones ripe for hacking, VP Biden A-OK with sin tax on ‘violent media’, Bitcoin exchange account seized by Feds, NJ Dems advance anti-game bill to ‘limit children’s exposure to media violence’, Google steps up Android gaming.

Read below for these stories and more.

Featured Story.

Notorious British LulzSec hackers Ryan Cleary (ViraL), Ryan Ackroyd (Kayla), Mustafa Al-Bassam (tFlow), and Jake Davis (Topiary) await sentencing this week.  “They are at the cutting edge of a contemporary, emerging species of international criminal offending known as cyber crime,” prosecutor Sandip Patel told a London court at the start of the men’s sentencing hearing…The real-life identities of the hackers were aggressively concealed. Similar protection did not extend to their victims.”

LulzSec hackers ‘at cutting edge’ of cyber crime, court told

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

“The young woman behind the petition, who remains anonymous, was visited by security agents after anti-Pengzhou protests reached their climax. ‘Please delete the petition,’ the agent told her. She told the newspaper that authorities were able to track her down using the registration information on Weibo (similar to Twitter in China) and invited her to “tea,” a widely-understood euphemism for an interrogation with the police.” 

Chinese Blogger In Trouble For White House Petition Against Sichuan Petrochemical Plant

“I found the letter (from the publisher’s lawyer) to be poorly written and personally threatening”…smells like a copyright troll to me…

Publisher Threatens to Sue Blogger for $1-Billion

Alleged coach-student inappropriate sexting relationship of the day…

Former Marinwood (CA) swim coach accused of sexting girl on his team

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

‘Site comes down after two ZPanel official forum accounts are compromised.’

App developer calls critic “f*cken little know it all”; site goes down

“Reports that confidential client messages exchanged over Bloomberg terminals had been accidentally posted online by the company have raised a fair share of eyebrows across the financial community and could ultimately threaten Bloomberg’s main business, its terminal sales.”

Wall Street traders are freaked by Bloomberg message leak

“US District Judge Peter C. Economus said [Todd] Miller was a member of the KCUF hacking clan in 2008 when the group organized an attack on the PlayStation Network, potentially compromising user data…After obtaining a search warrant, the FBI entered Miller’s home to find that his computers were smashed and his hard drives were missing.”

PSN hacking suspect sentenced to house arrest for destroying evidence

“An April study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta said threats are proliferating, ranging from “phishing,”where consumers click a phony e-mail or text message and are tricked into handing over personal information to consumers’ reluctance to use security protections they normally have on home computers, like a password.”

Experts say Smartphones are ripe for hacking

Law and Order.

He may want to check with the Supreme Court first before opening his mouth the next time.

VP Joe Biden Believes There’s ‘No Legal Reason’ The Government Can’t Slap A Sin Tax On ‘Violent Media’

‘Bitcoin exchange shouldn’t be dealing in “crypto-currency” without a license.’

Feds reveal the search warrant used to seize Mt. Gox account


“The problem with this bill is that the Senators involved in crafting the proposal relied on information gathered from two anti-violent media groups – the Parents Television Council and American Psychological Association’s ‘Act Against Violence’ program. In short, it’s state sponsored propaganda.”

NJ Democrats Push Anti-Game Propaganda Through Senate

“Google Play Games services packs in support for cloud-synced game progression, in-game achievements, leaderboards, and a heavy dose of Google+ integration designed to make it easier than ever to play nice with others.”

Google supercharges Android gaming with cloud saves, matchmaking