Unfortunate Collateral Damage In RNC-CNN War: Jake Tapper

Overall, the Republican National Committee’s decision not to partner with CNN or NBC for a single one of the 2016 GOP presidential primary debates is very good news. Unless, of course, you are a Democrat counting on a repeat of 2012 where both networks used the debates to the benefit of Barack Obama and Democrats.

If there is an asterisk to this good news, it is that CNN’s Jake Tapper won’t get a chance to moderate any of these debates. Which is unfortunate, because I can’t think of anyone on the left or right who doesn’t believe Tapper would be a top-shelf moderator; fair and professional.

If I felt CNN were trustworthy, I might hope that the RNC would make an exception if Tapper was promised as the moderator. But CNN isn’t trustworthy.

About a half-hour into the debate, I can just see us coming back from a commercial break and there’s a new “guest-moderator” — a weepy Don Lemon standing at the podium wearing a hoodie. Tapper’s tied up somewhere in a janitor’s closet and the first question Lemon asks our candidates is, “Do you hate me more because I’m black or because I’m gay?”

Even if Tapper moderated the whole thing, immediately afterwards the debate and our candidates would be defined by the usual-usual CNN panel made up of commie-truther Van Jones and left-wingers Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Gloria Borger, David Gergen, and Stephanie Cutter.  

Oh, sure Gingrinch would get in a few words, but only a few.

No thanks.

In a perfect world, the RNC will stick to its guns and CNN, NBC, and MSNBC won’t be allowed near our candidates.


Tapper will get the nod to host one of the all-important and historic general election debates.