Perfect candidate for crack investigative reporter on the 'conservative power nexus' beat

In response to Wanted: Investigative Reporter, Must Supply Own Pipe:

I’ll be the guy who wrote that “Christian Nation” book Ace uncovered would be perfect for this job.  I have no doubt that he already owns a stylish collection of tinfoil hats, and if he doesn’t have his own crack pipe, he’s probably got at least one bong that would look at home in the James Whale vision of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.  

Another possible candidate comes to mind: does anyone know what became of that “mole” who was pumping out breathless reports from “behind the scenes at Fox News” a couple of years ago?  

If neither of them wants the job, it might be slim pickings, because all the other good candidates have evidently been tapped to work on CNN’s Hillary! project.  Although it occurs to me that Bob Filner might be out of a job soon, and could probably be lured aboard this journalistic endeavor if told his job would be “feeling out” the nexus of conservative power in Washington.