Cyber Beat Daily: This is What Smartphone Overuse Looks Like + The Day's Top Tech Picks

The day’s top picks in social media and technology for 8/25: This is What Smartphone Overuse Looks Like; another tool to control your lack of online self control; delete yourself from the internet; 96 year old’s love letter gone viral in a song; Amazon Web Services outage impacts major sites; extreme tattoos go digital; NSA employees spy on love interests; lawmakers take aim at ‘revenge porn’; trolls (and Sony, oops) leak ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ ending; full list of Xbox One’s available titles at launch.

Read below for these stories and more.

Featured Story.

This is What Smartphone Overuse Looks Like:
This video is a poignant reminder that humans really need to remember to be human to one another more often.  It’s a must see.
This Short Film Will Make You Think Twice About Using Your Smartphone Too Much

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

And for those who lack their own self control…
“You Should Probably” Reminds You To Stop Wasting Your Life On The Internet

If it gets that bad, you can always just remove yourself entirely.
Erase Yourself From the Internet With

Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
This 96-year-old man wrote the most heartbreaking song of the year

Another day with down time from another provider.
Amazon Web Services Server Issues Take Down Instagram, Vine, Airbnb And IFTTT

Extreme tattoos: implanted RFID chip generates a GIF that is only viewable with a smartphone.
Digital Tattoo Is Viewable Only With a Smartphone

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

I think the #NSAPickupLines hashtag may still be going. Thanks, NSA.
LOVEINT: NSA says employees spied on their partners

Law and Order.

Lawmakers aim to limit ‘revenge porn’ postings


Spoiler alert. (Though it wasn’t necessarily hackers – more like trolls who took advantage of Sony’s oops).
Hackers crack the surprise ending of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

It’s a few days old, but bookmark it.
Microsoft revealed the full list of titles that will be available on Xbox One at launch


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