Cyber Beat Daily: 13 Suspected Members of Anonymous Indicted + The Day's Top Tech Picks

The day’s top picks in social media and technology for 10/3: 13 alleged members of Anonymous indicted over Operation Payback; inactive Facebook page goes active to warn govt shutdown will make it inactive; texting is causing ‘iPosture’ Epidemic; tweeters are walking into trees; Adobe hacked; taxonomy of internet trolls; verifying viral videos; Cyberstalking suspect told OKCupid victim he planned ‘killing spree’; Anonymous trolls Scientology on Craigslist; unsealed case files show Lavabit fought government using tiny font; man’s case against IL Eavesdropping Act now moot; ‘revenge porn’ banned in CA; Red Cross calls for war crimes in video games; GTA V time lapse video.

Read below for these stories and more.

Featured Story.

Defendants are charged with conspiracy to intentionally cause damage to a protected computer in relation to the 2010 campaign known as “Operation Payback.”
U.S. indicts 13 alleged members of Anonymous in DDoS attacks

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

After remaining inactive for a year and a half, a Facebook page for the Great Smokey Mountains National Park suddenly comes alive to notify readers the page can’t be updated because of the government shutdown.  Not surprisingly, all that status update did was prompt attacks on the Tea Party.
Are furloughed park employees trying to pick a fight on Facebook?

Seems there’s a term for everything these days.
Study: Texting-While-Slouching Is Causing an ‘iPosture’ Epidemic

And they’re tweeting about it.
People are tweeting so much they’re walking into trees

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

Adobe says “cyber attackers were able to access user information, including account IDs, encrypted passwords as well as credit and debit card numbers,” and “were able to erase data of some Adobe users.”
Data, credit card numbers for 2.9 million Adobe users stolen

We all know some of these.
The Taxonomy of Internet Trolls

Social Media Detectives: Is That Viral Video For Real?

Not exactly a good way to meet people.
Cyberstalking suspect told OKCupid victim he planned ‘killing spree’

It’s like we’ve come full circle.
Anonymous Reportedly Now Trolling Scientology Via Craigslist

Law and Order.

This was deviously brilliant.
Snowden’s email provider Lavabit fought government surveillance with ultra-tiny font

Since he filed the case, “the state Attorney General was ordered to cease prosecution of those who “violated” the now unconstitutional law. According to the presiding judge, this rendered [the man’s] complaint moot.”
Man Who’s Spent Three Years Challenging IL’s Eavesdropping Act Suddenly Finds He Has No Case

The flip side of the argument from first amendment advocates is that the law might hurt legitimate efforts to expose activity that the public has a right to know about – serial sexter Anthony Weiner was mentioned as an example of such a quandary.
Calif. Bans Jilted Lovers From Posting ‘Revenge Porn’ Online


As one of my Twitter followers commented – no, this is not an article from The Onion.
Red Cross Wants Video Game Characters Tried for War Crimes (Seriously)

Computer generated imaging has come a long way.
This Time-Lapse Was Captured Entirely Inside the Video Game World of GTA V


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