Poll: 81% of DC Residents Approve of Obama's Job Performance

According to a Gallup poll surveying the U.S. States, Obama’s job approval ratings are the highest in the District of Columbia and Hawaii with 81% and 61% respectively approving of the presidents job performance.  Also earning honorable mention is Maryland, neighbor of D.C., weighing in with a 57% approval rating. 

The states giving Obama the lowest approval ratings were “Wyoming, West Virginia, and Utah — fewer than three in 10 residents approved.”

Gallup is also reporting that in “three states — Washington, Minnesota, and Michigan — his job approval dropped below the majority level.” 

Obama’s job performance differs regionally as well, with “the highest ratings generally coming from Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states, and his lowest approval ratings tending to come from states in the Mountain West and parts of the South.”


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