Jay Z and 5 Percenters more about 'street cred' but dangerous all the same

Jay Z and 5 Percenters more about 'street cred' but dangerous all the same

First, call the ‘five percenters’ what it is. Initially like Kwanzaa another made-up black nationalist movement but with a perverted racist and sexist twist that has now taken on gang affiliation as classified by many state prison systems. There’s real danger in this gang aspect and the dangerous undercurrent of radicalism should not be ignored. 

Now to current Jay Z reality and the medallion he wore at the Nets game last week.

  • In the five percenters God is in all black men who are purely black so that rules out Barack Obama.
  • Black women do not possess God and are subordinate to black men. My question is for Beyonce. Is that how it works with Jay Z?
  • Mixed blacks, whites and I would guess Hispanics are ‘weak, wicked and inferior’ to pure blacks according to five percenters. Someone tell Jay Z they are all buying his music and tickets to the Brooklyn Nets games.

For high profile rappers all members of the 1%, the five percenters is also another form of street cred with a shout out to the black community aka customers. Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, Lord Jabar and others want you the 99% to buy their music and products they endorse. It’s all about the Benjamins.

At one time it was gangsta rap street cred from a drive by and getting stabbed or shot. Now many in the rap world don’t want to get stabbed, shot at or shot to sell product.

My advice to blacks or anyone in America is own what you know and use it to make your life better. If what you know is rap music realize there’s an entire industry around rap and it’s successful because the product is purchased by all ethnicities. Own as many aspects of the business as possible.

By the way, this is called capitalism. If you have the talent and use it well you have a chance to succeed like Jay Z.