Race-baiting loudmouth gets his comeuppance at the hands of angry parents

One of the salient features of Democrat race-baiting is that participants believe themselves to be invincible.  They can say any crazy, offensive, slanderous thing that pops into their heads, and there will never be a price to pay.  Usually that means a political price, but in the case of Alabama Democrat Alvin Holmes, it’s a specific six-figure cash amount.  From the Alabama ABC affiliate:

State representative Alvin Holmes (D) Montgomery, said republican lawmakers would support abortion if their daughters became pregnant by black men. Holmes later said he would offer $100,000 cash to anyone who could show “a whole bunch of whites” have adopted black children in Alabama.

Today at the state house, white parents who adopted mixed race or minority children said it’s time for Holmes to ‘pay up.’

Beverly Owings is an adoptive mother of a 13-year-old bi-racial daughter. “I would like for him to ‘man up.’ He’s made the statement. He needs to put his money where is mouth is.”

Owings, a supporter of trans racial adoptions in Alabama, is part of a movement called Faces of Families in Alabama.

Supporters of trans racial adoptions rallied this afternoon to show that families shouldn’t be defined by race. 

Owing’s husband Jeromy, says his family has worked hard to break down racial barriers.

“After we work on it and work on it to have an elected official that can come in and make those comments and tear down everything that we’ve worked hard for. It puts a question in their minds of ‘Do I belong?’ ‘Where do I belong?”

Now, Owings demands a public apology from representative Holmes. 

This reminds me of when Andrew Breitbart shut down a fabricated charge of racism against the Tea Party by offering $100,000 to anyone who could provide video proof it had occurred.  No one was ever able to collect.

A subsequent post from ABC3340 said Holmes refused to offer the apology, much less pay off on his bet, which a man of honor would have done by donating the money to an adoption charity:

Holmes believes he’s not in the wrong.

“The majority of the white people in the state of Alabama are against adopting black children. The majority of people in the state of Alabama, in my opinion, do not want their daughters having black babies. They know it’s true and I know it’s true. They aren’t going to say ‘yes, Alvin Holmes is right,” said Holmes. 

What an appalling, ignorant bigot.  Was he really stupid enough to think interracial adoptive families wouldn’t show up to call him out?  Or did he just assume Democrat race-baiters have an unlimited license to dispense slander? 

This sort of thing happens a lot, and since the Democrats are making a big scorched-earth, all-racism-all-the-time push to hold their congressional seats at any cost to the American people, it’s important to call them on it.  Speaking of which, I see Nancy Pelosi is giving herself paper cuts while trying to play the race card again.