When Atheists Go Nuts


The wacky atheists are at it again, this time they are targeting the National Day of Prayer event in Washington, D.C. An atheist group led by “paid professional atheist” Mikey Weinstein, as Dr. James Dobson calls him, does not want uniformed military personnel to participate.

The group believes that involving uniformed personnel would be like the government sanctioning the event, and violates a number of U.S. Department of Defense regulations.

Appearing on FOX News, Dobson contends that the National Day of Prayer is an American tradition based on the Judeo-Christian beliefs that found the country.

While the atheists contend that “non-Christians” are excluded, Dobson calls “Fubar,” saying that the event is “open to all faiths,” and that everyone is welcome.

One key point that Dobson makes is that the event is hosted by the Congress, which first sanctioned the event back in the 1950′s Two members of Congress, are hosting the event, and they, the Congress, and the military are not backing down, and are pushing forward with the event.

Atheists need a hobby, or a hug.