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60 Bodies Found in Abandoned Acapulco Funeral Home

954Mexico Abandoned Bodies AP Photo
Bernandino Hernandez - AP Photo

Mexican authorities have found the remains of at least 60 bodies and loose limbs inside an abandoned funeral home in the Mexican tourist resort of Acapulco.

The gruesome find was made by state and military authorities responding to citizen complaints made by neighbors about disturbing smells coming from the Pacifico Funeral Home which had been shut down more than a year ago, Mexico’s Proceso magazine reported.  The funeral home has a crematorium and is in a highway that connects the town of Cayacao and Puerto Marques. It is located in the municipality of Acapulco in the Mexican State of Guerrero.

When authorities arrived at the building they found dozens of bodies covered in lime and with sheets placed over some of them. The bodies varied in their state of decomposition from being completely mummified by the lime to some still decomposing. In addition to the bodies, several severed limbs were also recovered.

Guerrero’s Attorney General Miguel Angel Godinez spoke on Mexican television claiming that the case appeared to not be tied to organized crime. He said the information pointed to a fraud by the funeral home. According to Godinez’s statement the funeral home had been hiding the bodies instead of cremating them and simply giving the families false ashes. The agency has asked the help from the Interpol to track down the funeral home’s owner.

Guerrero is the same state where as Breitbart Texas previously reported police officers and cartel members working under the orders of the mayor of Iguala kidnapped and eventually executed 43 education students from the rural town of Ayotzinapa.

While the government has ruled that the students were killed and incinerated in an open pit, their relatives and scientists have called out the government’s version claiming that the evidence doesn’t add up. As Breitbart Texas previously reported scientist claim that the incineration had to have been done in a crematorium and not in an open air pit.

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