Obama in Charleston: The Smooth Agitator’s Sleight of Hand


During his eulogy Friday in Charleston for the slain Rev. Clementa Pinckney, President Obama described faith in the believing in things unseen.

“Things unseen” would be apt description for Democrat solutions for the problems black Americans face.

President Obama’s pattern of making public statements and appearances in racially divisive debates is clear by now. It happened in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, it happened in Ferguson and Baltimore, and today it happened in Charleston.

The Charleston massacre allegedly committed by a 21-year racist was a little different, however, because it’s so one-sided. There’s not a rational, decent person in the country who thinks that murders of nine black churchgoers, including Rev. Pinckney, were anything but a horrible crime that deserve swift and decisive judgment.

It’s fitting that the President acknowledge the crime and its victims, especially given the history of Mother Emanuel AME Church. The beginning of his eulogy was also fitting, focusing on Pinckney’s life and work.

The highlight was the President declaring that the plan to start a race war had backfired because of the forgiveness, love and dignity of Charleston’s black and white citizens. As Obama said to a swell of applause, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

Rev. Pinckney was also political figure, so it wasn’t completely inappropriate that the President would bring up politics, and the audience seemed to be with him.

That’s too bad, because President Obama was performing sleight of hand; a distraction that underlies his involvment in past racial controversies like Ferguson and Baltimore.

You see, President Obama doesn’t want black voters to realize that he had no solutions for any of their problems. Instead, the President has learned a trick: bring up the history of American racism and it becomes a shiny thing that diverts attention from his utter failures.

In this eulogy, the President brought up a litany of problems that the Democrats say are facing black Americans: poverty, education and jobs.

Make no mistake; these are real problems and they do plague black Americans. The unemployment rate for blacks is about double what it is for whites, per capita poverty is more than double, and the educational system that most black kids attend is a national disgrace.

Under the years of Obama leadership? They haven’t improved, even when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.

In fact, go back to any speech from about fifty years ago when the Democrats became the monolithic party for black voters and you’ll see the same holy trinity of the problems: poverty, education and jobs.

Democrat policies have failed black America, so time for some hocus-pocus. In his eulogy, Pres. Obama pointed to American racism as the beast was behind all the problems.

Unemployment? It must the subtle racism that gets Johnny called back for a job interview and Jamal doesn’t, as the President said.

By blaming racism, Obama gets two things off the hook: his own policies and the concept of personal responsibility.

Perhaps Jamal didn’t get the callback because his school has been run into the ground by Democrats and he can’t read or do basic math. The solution for Jamal isn’t Common Core, either: it’s breaking the back of teacher’s unions that work arm-in-arm with Democrats.

Another reason Jamal might not be getting the callback? Maybe he needs to take responsibility and clean up his act. As a prominent politician said a few years ago:

If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ’cause you look like you’re crazy.

That quote came from Michael Nutter, the black Democrat mayor of Philadelphia, by the way. When Nutter said it in front of an audience in a black church , they went wild with applause.

In the current political climate, if a white politician said it, they’d be lynched by the media and the Black Power activists. Nutter was widely castigated on the left for his candor. (Insert Democrat Planation analogy here.)

While calling Obama and the Democrats to task for their failures, that still doesn’t solve any problems, the establishment Republican party has no room to gloat over the failure for black America because they haven’t made an effort to solve these problems for black voters, either. For a few decades, the GOP has treated black voters as a lost cause, as die-hard Democrats who would never listen.

There are a growing number of black conservative voices—many featured right here on Breitbart News—but not nearly enough. It’s not surprise that this new generation came out of the Tea Party movement, not the Establishment.

Americans all share some problems: the economy, the impact of political corruption, and the threat of terrorists whose bullets and bombs are color-blind. Black Americans shares those struggles in addition to some issues more prevalent in their communities.

And yes: racism does still exist, it’s wrong, and it needs to be stamped out – no matter what the race of either the victim or perpetrator is.

Those are the problems. We know Obama and the Democrats won’t solve them because their political fortunes rely on stirring up racial agistation without ever fixing the issues. The establishment GOP has benefitted from this rift, too.

We know the problems. Are there any politicans who will step up to solve them?


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