Jerry Brown at San Bernardino: ‘We Have to Be on Our Guard’

Jerry Brown at San Bernardino (Chris Carlson / Associated Press)
Chris Carlson / Associated Press
San Bernardino, CA

SAN BERNARDINO — A day and-a-half after a mass shooting in San Bernardino that left 14 dead and over a dozen injured, local, state and federal officials privately briefed California Governor Jerry Brown near the scene before Brown and officials addressed the public Thursday evening.

Brown said in his address, “For San Bernardino, for the families of the victims we face a real threat, but we have a fabulous group of people, sheriffs, policemen, FBI, other personnel.” Brown told reporters that his “concern is to make sure that everything that can be done and that going forward that the state of California provides resources.”

In the short message, he also spoke of vigilance, law enforcement, and justice. “When it comes to people who engage in these kind of vicious brutal acts, we’ll spare nothing in bringing them to justice and protecting the people along the way. So I don’t know what this means going forward, but I think we have to be on our guard. We can’t take anything for granted.”

Brown closed with an attempt to reassure Californians: “We’re going to go just as far as we have to make sure that public safety is protected.”

After the shooting, California State Capitol flags were lowered to half-staff, and Governor Brown issued the following statement, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families and everyone affected by the brutal attack. California will spare no effort in bringing these killers to justice.”

Brown delayed, but did not cancel, his trip to the UN climate change talks in Paris, France. He has been on an aggressive campaign promoting California’s policies on global warming and carbon regulations while pressuring other countries and companies to adopt carbon pricing. His plans at the Paris conference include promoting the green energy agenda.

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